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Keith Richards

  1. concert review
    The Rolling Stones Live: So Much More Than the Greatest HitsInside the stadium, concerns about Jagger’s health quickly evaporated. The 76-year-old never missed a step, a hop, or a shake.
  2. good intentions
    Rolling Stones Finally Give the Verve Lead Singer ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ CreditHe has his “Bittersweet Symphony” back.
  3. respect the classics
    Keith Richards Thinks the Musical Demise of Taylor Swift Is Imminent“Good luck, girl.”
  4. tributes
    Keith Richards on Chuck Berry, the ‘Granddaddy’ of Rock & His Temporary RoommateBerry once gave Richards a black eye for a very rock n’ roll reason.
  5. vulture lists
    20 Musicians on Their Favorite Rock-and-Roll MemoirsMichael Stipe, Shirley Manson, and Sara Bareilles all said Patti Smith’s Just Kids.
  6. trailer mix
    Grab Wisdom From the Under the Influence TrailerThe movie comes out September 18, along with his next album.
  7. music
    Why Keith Richards Hates Sgt. Pepper’sThe iconic guitarist thinks the album is “a mishmash of rubbish.”
  8. Keith Richards on Crosseyed Heart, His First Solo Album in 23 Years“The most unique thing about it is that there was no deadline for me to make it.”
  9. keef
    Keith Richards to Release First Solo Album in Over 20 YearsGood year for Rolling Stone fans.
  10. golden jubilee tour
    Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tour Postponed to 2013The book and documentary will still come out this summer.
  11. apologies
    Keith Richards Is Sorry He Mentioned Mick Jagger’s ‘Tiny Todger’“I regret that.”
  12. satisfaction
    Keith Richards Has Never Actually Seen Mick Jagger’s ‘Tiny Todger’“I’ve only heard.”
  13. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jon Hamm on the Pressure to Drink Like Don Draper Among FansPlus, Khloe Kardashian tries to downplay the connection between her reality show with Lamar Odom and the Lakers getting swept, on our regular late-night roundup.
  14. hotel florida
    Charlie Crist Wants To Pardon Jim MorrisonWhat’s the deal with southern governors going all bleeding heart for the decades-old minor sins of boomer rock icons?
  15. satisfaction
    Report: Mick Jagger’s Todger Not Tiny“I beg to differ with Keith on the sexual prowess of his lead singer,” says someone who would know.
  16. quote machine
    Kanye Catches 127 Hours FeverPlus: Whoopi Goldberg no rocket scientist.
  17. quote machine
    Evan Rachel Wood Still an EnigmaPlus: Taylor Swift is just so wonderful.
  18. quote machine
    Semi-Incestuous Modern Family Crush Narrowly AvoidedPlus: Waiting 30 minutes to respond to texts doesn’t help Taylor Swift either.
  19. satisfaction
    Keith Richards Says Mick Jagger Has a ‘Tiny Todger’And that’s one of the nicer things he says in his autobiography!
  20. stone's
    Jack Sparrow to Make a Documentary About His DadCheck that. It’s actually Johnny Depp making a documentary about Keith Richards.
  21. moving on
    Disney Reportedly Preparing for Johnny Depp’s Departure From Pirates FranchiseDepp will likely make the fourth ‘Pirates’ film, but he’s not too keen on the planned fifth and sixth installments.
  22. quote machine
    Keith Richards Revives Film CriticismPlus: Thomas Haden Church on the gift of ‘Wings’.
  23. quote machine
    Citing His Infallible Memory, Keith Richards Disputes the Accuracy of Ron Wood’s AutobiographyPlus: Kate Beckinsale!
  24. the early-evening news
    Breaking: Keith Richards Can ReadAmy Winehouse, Pete Doherty, and other role models!
  25. the early-evening news
    Jeff Fahey’s Scary Eyes Join the Cast of ‘Lost’Crackheads. Plus: Rob Schneider!
  26. the take
    Keith Richards’s Memoir Sells to Little, BrownLittle, Brown announced today that they were the winning bidders for Keith Richards’s memoir, shelling out a reported $7.3 million for the book, to be published in 2010.
  27. quote machine
    ‘Bride of Chucky’: Not for Intellectuals
  28. quote machine
    Bill Clinton Finds the Song That Makes Israel and Palestine Get Along