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Kenny Ortega

  1. bop to the top
    Kenny Ortega Says Ryan From High School Musical Was ‘Probably’ GayHe was “probably going to come out in college.”
  2. remakes
    Fox Wants to Remake Rocky Horror for a Very Special TV ‘Event’The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event
  3. movies
    Dirty Dancing Remake Moving FastThey’ve found a director.
  4. kennys
    Footloose Remake Gets Another RenIt’s Kenny Wormald!
  5. flash mobs
    Paula Abdul and NBC to Bring Back Flash MobsShe’s in talks for an NBC show on which she’d choreograph dance routines for flash mobs.
  6. michael jackson
    Critics Like This Is It Almost As Much As Elizabeth Taylor DoesShame on you for being skeptical when she called it “the single most brilliant piece of filmmaking I have ever seen”!
  7. chat room
    This Is It Director Kenny Ortega on Memories of Michael Jackson“It wasn’t This Is It that had any negative impact on Michael Jackson. It was nourishing him.”
  8. beef
    Kenny Ortega Tells Paramount It Can’t Fire Him From Directing Footloose Because He Already QuitNo Ortega? No Efron? No fun.
  9. the industry
    Michael Jackson Rehearsal Footage: The MoviePlus: Finally, Padma Lakshmi gets a sitcom.
  10. quote machine
    No Need to Worry About Anna Faris Doing an AlbumSandra Bullock: “a catalog of old hip-hop tunes.”
  11. comebacks
    Will Michael Jackson’s Tour Be an Unofficial Sequel to High School Musical?Sort of!
  12. the industry
    The Jonas Brothers to Make Fart JokesPlus: Zac Efron’s ‘Footloose’ gets fast-tracked!
  13. the industry
    Brandon Routh Is Still Super, Thanks for AskingPlus: Ridley Scott battles Einstein!
  14. the industry
    Commence Shrieking: Zac Efron Is Back for ‘Senior Year’!Plus Vanessa Hudgens, fellas, relax.
  15. the industry
    The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on Claire DanesPlus industry news on Zac Efron, Bill Clinton, James Bond, and the Wu-Tang Clan.