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  1. on comedy
    Nick Kroll Wishes Kroll Show Got Inside Amy Schumer-Level Fame“I’m probably more competitive than I’d like to admit.”
  2. oscars 2018
    Keegan-Michael Key Was Jordan Peele’s Biggest Stan on Oscar NightEverything is fine until they lock eyes.
  3. last night on late night
    Key, Peele Do Last Obama-Anger-Translator SketchOne last time.
  4. important archive
    Comedy Central Releases New Key & Peele SketchesThere’s also a Key & Peele dictionary.
  5. Comedy Central Just Made Every ‘Key and Peele’ Sketch Available OnlineThe Key and Peele complete series DVD set isn’t out until August, but Comedy Central just created another way to get your fix. Starting today, […]
  6. ‘Key and Peele: The Complete Series’ DVD Set Is Out on August 2ndIn just a few months, you can get your very own Key and Peele: The Complete Series DVD set. Available on Tuesday, August 2nd, the set includes […]
  7. fatherhood
    What Keanu Gets Right (and Wrong) About Being a Cat DadWe’re finally visible.
  8. movie reviews
    Keanu Review: When Key and Peele’s Cat Comedy Is Good, It’s Soooo Good“Help it make some money this weekend so they can all do it again.”
  9. candy
    Key & Peele Audition a Bunch of Diva Kittens to Play Keanu“She does not want this career.”
  10. sxsw 2016
    Key & Peele Kitten-Gangster Movie Keanu at SXSWKittens and drug dealers and George Michael, oh my!
  11. last night on late night
    Watch Key & Peele’s Football Sketch on ColbertIt’s worth at least three pumps.
  12. trailer mix
    Watch Keanu Trailer: Key and Peele Are Back!In theaters April 29.
  13. vulture lists
    All 298 Key & Peele Sketches, RankedIn related news, the author of this post has no desire to watch Key & Peele ever again.
  14. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele Share Their NFL Playoff PicksKey and Peele are hosting Comedy Central’s first-ever Super Bowl special on January 30th at 10:00pm, and to get you pumped they’ve made two […]
  15. Key and Peele’s First Film ‘Keanu’ Will Be About a Kidnapped CatFrom a Police Academy reboot to a Substitute Teacher movie to a collaboration with Judd Apatow, Comedy Central stars Keegan-Michael Key and […]
  16. renewals
    Key & Peele Gets Third SeasonGood news.
  17. on the set
    Key and Peele Enters Season Two on an Obama HighVulture visited the set and saw the following.
  18. exclusive video
    Exclusive: Obama’s Anger Translator Responds to Clint EastwoodThe president is actually furious.
  19. clickables
    See Key & Peele’s New Obama Anger Translator SketchThis time they’re taking on Mitt Romney’s tax returns.
  20. potus with the mostest
    President Obama Enjoys Key and PeeleParticularly the sketch about his “anger translator.”
  21. key and peele
    Watch the First Episode of Key and Peele Right Now! For Free!Love these guys.
  22. chat room
    The Key and Peele Guys on Their Comedy Central Debut, Playing the ‘Race Card,’ and Poop Jokes“When you say poop, people laugh.”