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  1. huh
    Loretta Lynn and Kid Rock Get (Faux) HitchedAt a “hillbilly soirée” this weekend.
  2. honky tonk update
    Kid Rock’s Bar Suing Nashville Over Coronavirus RestrictionsThe bar’s beer permit was suspended last week.
  3. coronavirus
    Kid Rock’s Nashville Bar is Indeed Closing Due to CoronavirusWe can all breathe a sigh of relief.
  4. my ex-wife
    Sacha Baron Cohen Says Borat Caused Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock to DivorceHow “My Wife!” became “My Ex-Wife!”
  5. parades
    Kid Rock Got Fired From a Christmas ParadeIt’s the season of miracles.
  6. signings
    Trump Signs Music Modernization Act Into Law With His Best Rock and Country BudsLotta white dudes.
  7. controversies
    Kid Rock Lashes Out at Civil-Rights Group Protesting His Detroit Concerts“I am a homeowner and taxpayer in the city of Detroit, so suck on that too!”
  8. kid rock 2018
    Bawitablah: Kid Rock Accused of Violating Campaign-Finance LawsCommon Cause has filed a federal complaint against Kid Rock and Warner Bros. asking for a full investigation.
  9. kid rock 2018
    Kid Rock’s Potential Senate Run Is Starting to Get Some Republican SupportNow get in the pit and try to kiss some babies.
  10. kid rock 2018
    Kid Rock’s ‘Possible’ Senate Run Will Almost Definitely Come With Tons of Merch“I absolutely will use this media circus to sell/promote whatever I damn well please.”
  11. It’s Probably Not a Good Idea to Underestimate Kid RockIt’s easy enough to mock Kid Rock, but we tend to underestimate those we mock.
  12. Kid Rock Is Using Foreign-Made BBQ Grills As Target Practice to Promote His OwnVIDEO: He is not a fan of “Made in China.”
  13. celebrity politics
    Kid Rock Could Be a Senate Candidate in Michigan’s 2018 RaceRunning on the campaign promise of “bawitdaba da bang da bang diggy diggy diggy.”
  14. get real
    Kid Rock Has Problems With Gay People and ‘FaceTweets’ in Guardian Op-Ed“I don’t FaceTweet or whatever people do.”
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    Kid Rock Offers $5000 for Attempted Burglary TipIt’s all in a blog post called “Don’t mess with a Motherfucker Like Me.”
  16. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Seth Green Impersonates a Made-up Google+ Guy Who Holds the Power of InvitationPlus: Roseanne Barr talks Hollywood backstabbing, her empathy for Charlie Sheen, and her newfound mission to feed you nuts, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  17. Comedy Central Cancels the Roast of Kid RockComedy Central had announced last month that it was set to roast Kid Rock later this summer, but apparently that isn’t happening now. That Kid […]
  18. Kid Rock Up Next In The Comedy Central Roast ParadeGet your incest jokes in front of an audience now before Jeffrey Ross uses them all: Kid Rock’s Comedy Central Roast is filming Sunday, August […]
  19. music
    Hear Mary J. Blige, T.I., and Kid Rock’s Collaboration Track, ‘Care’It’s a little scattered.
  20. save the date
    Rihanna, Kanye Could Face Off With November 16 Album Release DatesKid Rock, too!
  21. music
    Inexplicably, Joanna Newsom and Fleet Foxes Covered Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow“I can’t look at you when I’m lying next to her.”
  22. the industry
    Cher: EverywherePlus: Jessica Simpson! Kid Rock! John Grisham!
  23. tube junkie
    Lil Wayne Performs at CMA Awards, Sort OfWhat was he doing there?
  24. the music business doing just terrific
    Estelle Returns to iTunes After Bout of Record-Label IdiocyTwo weeks after pulling her album from iTunes to spur record sales, Atlantic Records realized this was a stupid idea.
  25. quote machine
    Ghostface Knows the Gangster Love and He Knows the Hipster LovePlus: Aaron Sorkin on losing 100 percent of Drew Carey’s audience.
  26. quote machine
    Chris Martin Wants to Be the Guy That Everybody BangsPlus: Angelina finally sets us straight on that vial of Billy Bob’s blood.
  27. quote machine
    From Lee King to the King of the Jews: The Best Quotes of 2007“My mind thinks like that all the time, coming up with crazy clever metaphors and rhymery thingies.”
  28. the industry
    Ben Kingsley to Steal ‘Shutter Island’ From Underneath Leonardo DiCaprioPlus industry news on Ridley Scott’s Gucci movie, Kevin James’ crappy movie, and Nicolas Cage’s two crappy movies!
  29. the early-evening news
    At First Glance, Latest Cover of ‘People’ Promises Much More Than It Can DeliverPlus news on Kid Rock, Doris Lessing, and the first film awards of the season.
  30. the industry
    Liev Schreiber Needs to Pay the Rent Like Everybody ElsePlus industry news on Kid Rock, Chan Marshall, and Star Trek.
  31. quote machine
    Doris Lessing Doesn’t Give a Crap About Nobel Prize WinPlus: Quotes from Kid Rock and Annie Leibovitz!
  32. right-click
    Condon Comes Alive!Plus: Nellie McKay and Kid Rock!
  33. the industry
    Public Theater Slate Includes Plays by Churchill and Shepard, Work by Hoffman and StrathairnPlus industry news on Pal Joey, Drew Barrymore, and Lil Jon.
  34. quote machine
    Paris Hilton’s Arrest: A Sihn of the Times