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Kiki & Herb

  1. agenda
    Kiki & Herb Classics Come to DVD. Bonus: Blasphemy!Dissolute songstress Kiki and her loyal piano man, Herb, have terrorized New York nightclubs in a deeply charming way for fifteen years, but this is (probably) the first time you’ll have them in your living room.
  2. last night’s gig
    Kiki & Herb Segue From ‘Mister Fister’ Into ‘What Child Is This?’ at Carnegie HallChristmas came early to the gays.
  3. tube junkie
    Video: The Wacky Scene at Last Night’s Weimar NYThe show loosely celebrated the Weimar period with song, dark irony courtesy of MC Justin Bond, of Kiki & Herb, and jokes involving duffel bags tossing out plush sticks of TNT.
  4. the industry
    Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Private Eye for Michael Mann