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Kim Dong Hwa

  1. art candy
    Artist Tamy Ben-Tor Hosts the Worst Kids’ Show EverThe performance artist and caustic satirist, dressed as a Ukrainian-ish folk-kinda-heroine figure, sings nonsensical, reprehensible lyrics to an audience of probably horrified youngsters. Enjoy!
  2. kudos
    Could ‘South Pacific’ Dance Away With the Tonys?Could Vulture have been totally wrong in dismissing the Tony chances of ‘South Pacific’?
  3. the take
    No Advances, No Returns: Lit Agent Jennifer Rudolph Walsh Shows Great RestraintHow booksellers and agents will respond to HarperCollins’s new no-advances, no-returns imprint.
  4. quote machine
    Kimya Dawson Fails to Take the Money and RunPlus: Finally, someone understands what “quantum of solace” means!