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  1. Buy a Kindle and You Can Own the New York Public LibraryAll you need is a library card to access a vast collection of rentable e-books.
  2. Conan O’Brien Is Producing a New Show Based on a Kindle BookConan O’Brien’s production company Conaco just sold a pilot to ABC, based on the Kindle digital book Keep Swinging by Rick Marin. Deadline […]
  3. the future is now
    American Women Love a Dark-Haired European HeroAccording to E-reader data.
  4. chat room
    Sloane Crosley on Her New Essay for Amazon and Almost Dying on a Mountain While Having Her ‘Lady Times’“I don’t fool myself into thinking this is Into Thin Air. This is a funny, lighter version of Into Thin Air.”
  5. the future
    E-Books, Making Hardcover Books Look ExpensiveAnd thus, outselling them handily.
  6. E-Book Cannibalism Pushes Publishers Toward Hardcover-Only ReleasesWhen publishers release e-book and hardcover editions of their books simultaneously, believe it or not, the hardcovers sell less.
  7. nook
    Barnes & Noble Sued Over NookThis in no way interferes with our wanting one.
  8. e-rilfs
    Barnes & Noble Unveils World’s First Non-Ugly E-ReaderNow here’s an e-reader we wouldn’t mind being seen on public transportation with.
  9. e-readers
    Barnes & Noble to Make E-Reader, TooAs if your bookshelf weren’t already totally cluttered with e-readers, Barnes and Noble will release one of its own.
  10. free stuff
    Update: Nicholson Baker Runs Up Awesome Set of Expenses For New Yorker Kindle ReviewHow nervous is ‘The New Yorker’ about the Kindle? Almost $3,000 worth of nervous!
  11. gadgets
    Barnes & Noble Prepping What They Hope Will Be a Kindle-KillerBut it won’t be out until sometime next year.
  12. Kindle Users Screwed Out of Orwell Novels in Totally Orwellian WayEven though they were bought and paid for, copies of ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ were deleted from Kindles after their publisher reversed its decision to offer them as e-books.
  13. sour grapes
    How Should the Times Frame Its Next Anti-Kindle Story?Another day, another anti-Kindle story in the ‘Times.’ We’ve helpfully brainstormed a few angles for their next article on the dangers or e-readers.
  14. disasters
    Giant, Newspaper-Saving Kindle Can’t Pronounce President’s NameThe talking robot living inside of the popular e-reader pronounces our president’s name “Bay-rack Oh-bamma.”
  15. the future
    Amazon Announces Huge KindleNewspapers are saved!
  16. the future
    Amazon to Announce Huge KindleWhat if you could have the flexibility and convenience of Amazon’s successful e-reader in an enormous, unwieldy package?
  17. snobs
    Kindle to Take All the Fun Out of Being Pretentious, Claims the TimesWill the Kindle impair literary snobs’ ability to impress strangers by whipping out a copy of ‘Ulysses’ on the subway?
  18. the future
    Kindle iPhone Application to Revolutionize Book-Reading, Battery-DrainingIn their ongoing effort to eradicate every single job in publishing, Amazon last night announced plans to sell e-books books for the iPhone.
  19. kindle
    Will the New Kindle Make for Amazon’s iPhone Moment?Kindle 2 is really a kind of thought experiment, asking how many “serious readers” are left.
  20. kindle
    New Kindle Slightly Less of an EyesoreYou still won’t confuse it for an Apple product, though.
  21. you’re old
    Possible Kindle Killer AnnouncedCalifornia company Paper Logic debuted its new e-reader yesterday, and it’s straight out of Hill Valley circa 2015.
  22. apropos of nothing
    Amazon.com Invents an iPod You Can ReadThis morning, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced the details of Kindle, the company’s new e-book viewer, which is being described as an “iPod for reading.”