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  1. tv review
    Kingdom Feels Like a Nightmare of NowThe South Korean zombie series is set in the 16th century and was filmed in 2017, but seems to be riffing on headlines from five minutes ago.
  2. tv review
    Zombie Epic Kingdom Is Remarkable and ResonantThis South Korean series, currently streaming on Netflix, is a disturbing parable about a society with a death wish.
  3. chat room
    Nick Jonas on Nudity, Sexuality, His New Album“It’s playing around with creative minds who have great ideas, and part of that is tapping into an older side and a sexier vibe.”
  4. vulture festival 2016
    Kiele Sanchez Describes Her Toughest Day on the Kingdom Set“I think my life has mirrored my character’s journey.”
  5. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Jill Scott to WeezerPlus: Devo, They Might Be Giants, Rage Against the Machine, the Newport Folk Festival, and more, in our weekly concert roundup.