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  1. and the winner is…
    Kirk Cameron Sweeps the RazziesCongratulations?
  2. razzies
    Blended, Kirk Cameron Lead 2015 Razzie NominationsAnd a tough year for transforming robots. 
  3. kirk cameron
    Meet CCOKCs, ‘Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron’Remember these guys? They think Kirk Cameron is a piece, too!
  4. kirk cameron
    Watch Footage From 1988 of Kirk Cameron Singin’ and Dancin’ With Marie OsmondFlash those jazz hands, Kirk!
  5. kirk cameron
    Watch the Creepy Trailer for Kirk Cameron’s ‘Documentary,’ MonumentalIt’s like Kirk Cameron is the real-life version of Nicolas Cage in National Treasure, except rocked by oppressively religious undertones.
  6. cameos
    Here’s Fred Savage’s Wonderful, Kirk Cameron–Dissing Happy Endings Cameo“I told him you want someone to phone it in, get Kirk Cameron. You want someone to be a savage, you get Fred. Savage.”
  7. clickables
    See a Very Sad Photo From Kirk Cameron’s Birthday PartyOh man.
  8. quote machine
    Kirk Cameron Narrowly Avoids Crack-Smoking and Cross-dressingPlus: Tricky was just not that into Björk.
  9. obviously
    ‘Fireproof’ Is a Hit!Kirk Cameron’s faith-based film miraculously cracked the weekend box-office top five.
  10. Can Kirk Cameron’s Steamy, Non-Sinful Love Scenes Make ‘Fireproof’ a Hit?Maybe!
  11. trailer mix
    ‘Fireproof’ Trailer: Kirk Cameron Catches a BackdraftThe latest movie from the Sherwood Baptist Church stars Kirk Cameron as a firefighter living in the world’s most dangerous town.