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  1. sports
    And Now, a Brief Feud Between Kirstie Alley and the U.S. Men’s Curling TeamAlley announced that she thought the sport is boring.
  2. casting couch
    Kirstie Alley Is Now in Scream Queens Season 2 She’s playing a “brilliant and devious” hospital admin.
  3. scientology
    The Most Miraculous Things Scientology Has DoneFrom curing dyslexia to solving drug addiction.
  4. TV Land Orders Kirstie Alley and Michael Richards’s New Sitcom Continuing its practice of cramming retro sitcom stars into new shows, TV Land has ordered a new series called Kirstie’s New Show that will […]
  5. casting couch
    Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander and Michael Richards Notch TV RolesGeorge to Community, Kramer to Kirstie Alley’s new pilot.
  6. Michael Richards Is Returning to Acting for Kirstie Alley’s TV Land PilotIt’s been over a decade since Michael Richards’s last regular TV gig (on his short-live NBC vehicle The Michael Richards Show), but he’s […]
  7. last night on late night
    Keanu Reeves, Still A Hippie SavantPlus: Steven Spielberg had to call Daniel Day-Lewis “Mr. President” throughout the filming of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  8. convention hell
    Last Day at BEA: More Jokes About Fifty Shades“I lived with a guy for three years who made Christian Grey look like Justin Bieber.”
  9. Adam Sandler to Remake Summer SchoolAdam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company is set to remake 1987’s Summer School, a Carl Reiner-directed comedy about a gym teacher stuck […]
  10. stage
    Lance Bass Is Producing a Play About Escorts, Possibly Starring Kirstie Alley As the PimpSounds good!
  11. You’ll Get All The Rhea Perlman You Need In Kirstie Alley’s The ManzanisI’m ready for Rhea Perlman to be the Danny DeVito of Kirstie Alley’s new show The Manzanis. Clearly I’m projecting my own personal wants and […]
  12. reunions
    Rhea Perlman Joins Kirstie Alley’s SitcomAs Alley’s mother-in-law.
  13. tv
    Parks and Recreation Showrunner Michael Schur Gives a Master Class on CheersThe writer waxes rhapsodic about just why the Ted Danson classic is the perfect sitcom, and how it influenced his own show.
  14. wishful thinking
    Kirstie Alley Says She Has a Sitcom in the Works That’s ‘Sort of Virginia Woolf’The mind reels.
  15. clickables
    Watch Kirstie Alley Take a Spill on DWTSHer partner dropped her.
  16. beef
    Kirstie Alley to George Lopez: ‘I Want Your Kidney, Dude’Today in beef.
  17. clickables
    Watch Kirstie Alley Do a Mean Cha Cha Cha on Dancing With the StarsShe ain’t half-bad.
  18. stage dive
    Stage Dive: Kirstie Alley, Broadway BabyCasting agents: Put on your thinking caps.
  19. dancing with the stars
    This Is Your Dancing With the Stars LineupA show that interprets both “dancing” and “star” very loosely.
  20. quote machine
    Beyoncé Could Have It So Much BetterPlus: Nobody did anything to Demi Moore’s face.
  21. the big screen
    Kirstie Alley’s Big Life: An Exercise in GluttonyAnyone who has her own zoo has indulgence problems that go beyond cupcakes.
  22. the industry
    Gerard Butler Brings Shakespeare Into the NowPlus: Helen Mirren! The Berenstain Bears! Kirstie Alley!
  23. jurisprudence
    Roman Polanski News: Major Defense Witness Admits to Lying on Film, Kirstie Alley Weighs In“JUST FOR THE RECORD….RAPE IS RAPE…this is one HOLLYWOOD STAR who does not CELEBRATE or DEFEND Roman Polanski..his ART did not RAPE her.”
  24. the industry
    Michael Cera Is Scott Pilgrim!Cera will play Bryan Lee O’Malley’s lovable comic-book slacker; Geena Davis returns to TV; and Suzan Lori-Parks will direct Fences on Broadway.