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Kitchen Confidential

  1. parts unknown
    Why Roadrunner Director Morgan Neville Skipped Interviewing Asia ArgentoThe limited presence of Anthony Bourdain’s former girlfriend raises more questions than it answers in the documentary.
  2. Anthony Bourdain Wrote the Recipe for Food TV, But There’s No Substitute for HimHis television shows were the result of an irreducible, alchemical, absolutely irreplaceable personality.
  3. Anthony Bourdain Was a Great Crime Novelist, TooAs his celebrity grew in stature, I kept hoping, foolishly perhaps, that Bourdain might return to his first writing love.
  4. Kitchen Confidential: That Other Sitcom Fox Cancelled Too SoonIn November 2005, Fox announced that two comedies would be pulled for sweeps week, and would finish out the season with a truncated 13-episode […]