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  1. Kitty Pryde X-Men Movie in Development From Brian Michael Bendis and Tim MillerThe comics scribe and the Deadpool director are teaming up.
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    Ellen Page on Touchy Feely, Improv, and Kitty Pryde“Kitty Pryde’s awesome. I’m super grateful to be the actress who’s gotten to be her.”
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    Stream Kitty (Pryde)’s New EP, D.A.I.S.Y.Technically, she dropped the Pryde.
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    Check Out ‘Dead Island,’ the Latest From Kitty PrydeStill happening in 2013.
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    Watch People’s Honest Reactions to Kitty PrydeYeah, we guess it does sound like “brainwashing sh*t.”
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    Watch Kitty Pryde and Riff Raff’s Video, ‘Orion’s Belt’Wanted: friend for day at Coney Island. Interested, Kitty?
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    Teen Rapper Kitty Pryde Hits New York City and Channels Her Internet MagicHer appearance at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory was the next step in her ascent as an Internet rapper.
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    And Here Is Teen Rapper Kitty Pryde’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ RemixFrom her new EP haha I’m sorry.
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    Serena Williams Will Now Rap for YouIt’s … a start?
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    Meet Teenage Rapper Kitty PrydeShe calls herself a “White Trash Bachelorette.” Are you paying attention, Lana?