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Klaus Biesenbach

  1. speeeech!
    Lady Gaga: The Young Artist Award Is the Most Meaningful One of Her LifeComplete with shout-outs to Jeff Koons and Marina Abramovic!
  2. Wael Shawky’s Epic Films Will Completely Change How You See the CrusadesThey are the most intoxicating, savage masterpieces of the Crusades I’ve seen anywhere, on film or otherwise.
  3. art
    MoMA’s Björk DisasterI wanted to be surprised and proven wrong about the Björk show. Alas, I haven’t been. 
  4. art
    This Is How James Franco Is Hiding Out From North KoreaHanging out with Marina Abramovic, Lada Gaga, Klaus Biesenbach, and Courtney Love.