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Knight And Day

  1. tom cruising
    Knight and Day Fox’s Biggest Earner“The pic rallied overseas.”
  2. knight and day
    World Cup Did Not Have a Major Impact on International Box Office, Except for Knight and DayIt wasn’t Tom Cruise’s fault!
  3. knight and day
    Marketing, not Cruise, Screwed Up Knight and DayOr so says a pretty convincing marketing executive.
  4. reviews in short
    Review Knight and Day in One SentenceThink the nation’s moviegoers are missing out on some good, clean fun? Want to praise the unique chemistry of Cruise and Cameron Diaz?
  5. the industry
    Box Office: Cyrus Looks Like a Sleeper HitThough only on 17 screens, the Jonah Hill/John C. Reilly comedy is building great word of mouth.
  6. knight and day
    Knight and Day Off to a Bumpy StartFilm earns $3.8 million in first day.
  7. Is Mission Impossible 4 About to Get LaBeoufed?If ‘Knight and Day’ flops, Paramount might “beef up the subplot that introduces a new and younger agent who becomes Ethan Hunt’s protege.”
  8. tom cruise’s face
    Critics Split on Cruise’s Face in Knight and Day“Each subpar quip delivered with a cocksure grin that makes you wish the bad guys were better at hitting back.”
  9. breaking
    Fox Hopes iTunes Can Save Knight and DayGiving a chunk away free may be the only way to convince people it’s worth giving Tom Cruise another chance.
  10. the industry
    Can Knight and Day Overcome the Cruise Problem?The buzz is good, but people’s feelings about Cruise are not.
  11. the sex talk
    Why Is Cameron Diaz So Obsessed With Sex?It seems it’s the only thing the actress wants to talk about.
  12. movies
    Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Release Another Fake Knight & Day Viral VideoRemember the sad fake blooper?
  13. analysis
    Is Knight and Day the Tom Cruise Story?It’s an apology for how weird he’s been all these years.
  14. friendship
    How Tom Cruise and Will.I.Am MetCruise: “First of all, I’m a fan of the Peas … “
  15. music
    Black Eyed Peas Fans Immediately Subdued by Awkward Tom Cruise AppearanceThe Black Eyed Peas: consummate performers! (Just kidding, the opposite.)
  16. movies
    Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Make an Unintentionally Sad Viral VideoYeesh.
  17. backwards motorcycle riding
    Tom Cruise, Screenwriter, Invents Backwards Motorcycle Riding for Knight and Day“One Cruise touch: a [scene] in which Ms. Diaz’s character flips over the handlebars of a motorcycle.”
  18. trailer mix
    Knight and Day Trailer: Tom Cruise Was Right the Whole TimeWe wonder what it was about the role he found so attractive.
  19. trailer mix
    Killers: The ‘My Hit Man Boyfriend’ Plot Again?Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl’s retread of a classic plot.
  20. trailer mix
    Knight & Day Trailer: Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz Are All SmilesAction and comedy are two great tastes that rarely taste great together.
  21. bulls
    Bulls Escape Set of Tom Cruise MovieThey just wanted to go to the beach.