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    9 Former American Idol Contestants Reminisce“When you get off the show, you expect to be given a lot, and man, you’re not. “
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    Kris Allen Is Fine on Money, ThanksThe minimum an ‘Idol’ winner can earn is $650,000, with performance fees, album advances, and merchandising royalties factored in.
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    American Idol Kris Allen on Why ‘Heartless’ Is on His New Album and ‘No Boundaries’ Isn’t“We felt like we had a lot better stuff than [’No Boundaries’] to go on the album.”
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    Kara DioGuardi Records Her Very Own Version of ‘No Boundaries’It’s just as painful as you might imagine.
  5. earsores
    Kris Allen Makes Executive Decision to Stop Performing ‘No Boundaries’ on TourKara DioGuardi’s ‘Idol’ anthem wasn’t going over so well with audiences.
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    Why Can’t Danny Gokey Get a Record Deal?Even the fourth-place ‘Idol’ contestant got a deal.
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    This Year’s American Idol Finale Probably No More Fixed Than UsualExplosive!
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    Rovzar on American Idol: Why It’s Okay That Adam LostNot every gay needs to be universally likable.
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    Idol Results Not Even Close, Says PersonAccording to Billy Bush, who says he spoke with a “source at the top,” it was a landslide.
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    Vulture’s Nuanced Position on Last Night’s American Idol ResultsLast night’s results were mostly BS. Even so — good for Kris!
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    The American Idol Finale: A Chart-Based AnalysisWho voted for whom? How does “No Boundaries” stack up to awful winner’s songs past?
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    How Bad Will Kara DioGuardi’s American Idol Winner’s Song Be?BAAAAAD.
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    American Idol: the IncidentSo sure were we yesterday that Kris Allen would be voted off this week that we Photoshopped him into a coffin. Oops!
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    American Idol: Funeral for a FriendKris Allen sure picked a bad week to win us over.
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    American Idol: Time to Stop Watching!Even after all the other awful things that happened on last night’s ‘American Idol,’ Allison Iraheta’s premature elimination was still a bummer.
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    American Idol: Disaster Strikes!Adam gets out-screeched!
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    American Idol: Scott Sent Home, WronglyHas America condoned a funk cover of a Don Henley song?