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  1. keeping up with the kardashians
    Keeping Up With the Kardashians to End in 2021And Kris wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.
  2. kylie fib kit
    Kylie Jenner’s Billionaire Status Questioned by ForbesShe then called out the report’s “inaccurate statements and unproven assumptions.”
  3. cute!
    Give Baby Stormi a Bon Appétit Test Kitchen ShowIn which Stormi makes Christmas cookies, with some help from Kylie and Kris Jenner
  4. music videos
    Kanye West’s ‘Closed on Sunday’ Video: Doomsday Prepper Fun for the Whole FamilyClosed on Sunday but open on Thanksgiving, apparently.
  5. bachelor nation
    Khloé Kardashian Threatens Bachelorette Showrunner With Legal ActionShe was a rumored top pick, and the showrunner kept teasing her involvement.
  6. a very kardashian christmas
    The Kardashian-Jenner-Wests Really Outdid Themselves This ChristmasExhibit A: Kris Jenner.
  7. keeping up
    Kris Jenner Low-Key Wishes Kanye Would Shut His Mouth About Politics“I would rather he share some of that stuff privately.”
  8. kanye news
    Kris Jenner Says Kanye ‘Will Explain Himself In His Own Way’“He always does things with really good intentions.”
  9. reality rumble
    Kris Jenner Would Apparently Complain to E! About The Soup’s Kardashian JokesAnd, per Joel McHale, E! ultimately banned the show from Kardashian talk.
  10. literally keeping up with the kardashians
    Kendall Jenner Doesn’t Mince Words While Venting About Caitlyn Jenner’s Memoir“It’s insane.”
  11. video
    Watch Kendall Jenner Answer Vogue’s 73 QuestionsVogue’s wonderfully surreal interview franchise returns.
  12. Kris Jenner Got Into a Car Accident in CalabasasShe’s okay!
  13. games
    ‘Kris Jenner or Geppetto?’ Is Billy Eichner’s Shadiest Game YetThe turquoise-haired fairy is not Caitlyn Jenner.
  14. roll clip!
    The Kardashian-Jenners Redid Kris’s Legendary Music Video for Her 60th BirthdayShe loves them (still)!
  15. the whisperings and the champagne and the stars
    Let’s Add Gatsby Quotes to Kris Jenner’s PartyIf you have a Gatsby-themed party, you’re just asking us to bring F. Scott into the mix.
  16. the industry
    Selma Blair to Play Kris Jenner for Ryan MurphySometimes Hollywood nails it.
  17. keeping up with bruce
    E! Will Air a Two-Part Bruce Jenner Special Featuring the KardashiansIt’ll air May 17 and 18.
  18. keeping up with the jenners
    Kris and Bruce Jenner Are Getting a DivorceTheir separation is now official.
  19. today in kanye
    Kanye Does Not Look Excited About Hanging Out With Justin BieberMaybe it’s just like zip-lining?
  20. mistakes
    A Very Recent History of Celebrity Cultural AppropriationA depressingly large club.
  21. splits
    Kris and Bruce Jenner Have SeparatedAfter 22 years of marriage.
  22. quotables
    The Best Things Kanye Said on Kris Jenner’s Show“There’s only one brand now, and that’s family. That’s the only brand I care about.”
  23. the greatest interview of all time
    Kanye West Taped an Interview for Kris Jenner’s Talk ShowYou can’t say no to your baby’s grandmother.
  24. the kardashians
    Check Out the Kardashian Clan’s Holiday CardMerry Christmas from America’s favorite family, according to no one you actually know who will readily admit to watching their show. #spicegirlssyndrome
  25. clickables
    Watch Kim Kardashian’s Mom Weep Over Her Daughter’s Divorce on The View“It’s really hard to go through this on such a public stage,” says Kris, following appearances this week on ‘Good Morning America,’ the ‘Today’ show, and now ‘The View.’
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