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Kris Kristofferson

  1. a star is born
    Which Scenes Do All the Star Is Borns Have in Common?A side-by-side comparison of the five scenes all iterations have kept.
  2. hollywood signs
    Lady Gaga Might Be Perfect for A Star Is BornLady Gaga surely knows a thing or two about the rough road that gets you from Esther Blodgett to Vicki Lester.
  3. quote machine
    Amy Poehler Isn’t Ready to Trade New York for Los Angeles Just YetPlus: Darth Vader’s royalty checks must be getting lost in the mail.
  4. bailout rock
    Mickey Rourke Ram Jams Some Cops in ‘Shuttin’ Detroit Down’ Music VideoConsider the economy saved!
  5. beef
    Ethan Hawke’s Rolling Stone Article Has Toby Keith Ready to RumbleThem’s fightin’ words!
  6. quote machine
    Hey, Did You Know Diablo Cody Used to Be a Stripper?Plus: Mark Ronson!