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Kristen Schaal Loves Eating Crickets; Conan, Less So

For a scene in the upcoming season of The Last Man on Earth, Kristen Schaal had to eat some dead crickets, take after take. And wouldn't you know it, she picked up a taste for the lil critters. Conan was decidedly less adventurous.

By Adam Frucci

Here’s Kristen Schaal Playing Darth Vader

From John Moe's public radio show, Wits, here's a live sketch in which Kristen Schaal plays Star Wars villain Darth Vader, in case you've ever wondered what that would be like.

By Bradford Evans

Kristen Schaal Gives a Women’s Issues Update on ‘The Daily Show’

Apparently since gender equality caught on there are some men out there who feel a little intimidated by the increasing girliness of America's modern workplace culture. Kristen Schaal illustrated this perfectly on last night's Daily Show, where [...]

By Megh Wright