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    Game of Thrones’ Kristian Nairn Explains His Theory on HodorAnd why we shouldn’t blame Bran.
  2. chat room
    Kristian Nairn on Hodor, GOT, and DJing“I like to spoil things for my friends, because it annoys them, and my mom as well.”
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    This Is What Hodor Looks Like in a Christmas SweaterYou could say it’s Bran-d new.
  4. new york comic con 2014
    A Night With Game of Thrones’ Hodor, Rave DJOn the scene at Rave of Thrones.
  5. How All the Game of Thrones Cast Members Spent Their Summer VacationsProduction on the fifth season is now in full swing.
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    Hodor to Go on Game of Thrones–Inspired DJ TourCalled Rave of Thrones.
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    GoT’s Kristian Nairn on Hodor’s Darth Vader Grip“I’m one of the only people who can sit in [the Iron Throne] and make it look like a child’s Port-a-Potty!”
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    How 15 Game of Thrones Actors Would Have Killed … That One PersonIdeas include smothering, beheading, dehydrating, poisoning, impaling, hugging, and oversexing.
  9. it’s a dead man’s party
    Would Game of Thrones Cast Members Attend a Wedding in Westeros?“Hodor regrets, but shall not attend!”
  10. keep it like a secret
    How Game of Thrones Cast Members Handle Spoilers“I can’t tell you!” and other techniques the cast members use when asked to confirm story lines.
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    Game of Thrones’ Kristian Nairn Has 70 Different Ways of Saying ‘Hodor’“There’s angry Hodor, happy Hodor, sad Hodor …”
  12. all growns up
    How Game of Thrones Will Handle Aging Kid ActorsHodor will soon be carrying a man-size Bran.