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    Kristin Bauer van Straten on True BloodShe’d like a signed sock, please.
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    True Blood’s Kristin Bauer on Next Season and Pre-Vampire Pam: a Victorian-Era Hooker, Perhaps?“I’m really dying to see the first script for season five. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, what happens next?’”
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    True Blood’s Kristin Bauer on Eric’s Amnesia, Corsets, and Her Most Shocking Line This Season“We thought, ‘It’s so wrong. It’s never going to stay, even on HBO.’ Then came the script and, sure enough, there it was.”
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    Snooki Wishes Obama Would Stop Keeping Her on the Down LowPlus: Joan Rivers can see Britney Spears’s future.
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    Robert Pattinson to Plotz When He Reads Breaking Dawn ScriptPlus: Jessica Biel’s character the “lynchpin of A-Team’s story,” says Jessica Biel.
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    True Blood Preview: Jessica Evolves, Pam Gets LaidAlso, Deborah Ann Woll met her boyfriend online.