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  1. renewals
    Step Into Your Oldest Pair of Jeans: Jessica Jones Is Coming Back for Season 3Will Trish be a friend or a foe?
  2. tv review
    Jessica Jones Is Darker, Edgier, and More Difficult in Season TwoIt gets much closer to realistic trauma than other superhero stories.
  3. Krysten Ritter Almost Bit Through Her Own Tongue While Shooting Jessica Jones“What really fucked me up was the blood.”
  4. better late than never
    Jessica Jones Season 2 Will Finally Arrive in MarchKrysten Ritter posted the news on Instagram.
  5. trailer mix
    Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer: Our Girl Is Back and Tougher Than EverIt’s returning in March.
  6. the defenders
    Krysten Ritter Knits to Survive Her Marvel Shooting ScheduleShe’s learned coping strategies to deal with full years of filming.
  7. A Bunch of Stars Told Us Their Morning RoutinesFred Armisen needs his Grape Nuts.
  8. vulture festival 2016
    Look at All the Stars Who Visited the Vulture Festival Photo StudioKrysten Ritter, the cast of Happy Endings, Justin Theroux, Shonda Rhimes, and more.
  9. vulture festival 2016
    Melissa Rosenberg on the Look of Jessica JonesNo grand superpowers, just the sense of real human power.
  10. vulture festival 2016
    Here’s the Lineup for This Year’s Vulture Festival!It’s bigger than ever!
  11. encounter
    Knitting, and Talking Jessica Jones, With Krysten Ritter“She’s very unlikable, in the studio sense of the word. But I don’t find her unlikable.”
  12. jessica jones
    Who Jessica Jones Characters Are in the ComicsGet the backstories.
  13. backstories
    Jessica Jones Cast and Crew On The Show’s Unprecedented Sex Scenes“My chest and my arms were burning.”
  14. superheroes
    Why Krysten Ritter Hated the Jessica Jones PitchAnd why she wants the show to grab people who aren’t into superhero stuff.
  15. party chats
    Jessica Jones Introduced Krysten Ritter to the Magical World of Marvel“I was kind of bummed that I wasn’t exposed to comics as a little girl.”
  16. castings
    Mike Colter Is Officially Playing Luke CageHe’ll star opposite Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones in Marvel’s Netflix series.
  17. jessica jones
    Krysten Ritter Will Play Marvel Superhero Jessica JonesIn Netflix’s Jessica Jones.
  18. tv
    Krysten Ritter or Alexandra Daddario Might Play Jessica JonesKeeping up with the (potential) Joneses.
  19. Tim Meadows, Nick Thune, and Krysten Ritter Cast in NBC Comedy PilotsPilot season is in full swing, and NBC’s comedy selections are continuing to round out their casts. According to Deadline, SNL alum Tim Meadows […]
  20. casting couch
    Krysten Ritter to Star in NBC’s Astronaut Comedy Mission ControlNo one else would even make sense.
  21. exclusive clip
    See Krysten Ritter Be the Weirdest Human Ever on The Eric Andre ShowIt is the strangest, most terrifying Don’t Trust the B—- reunion ever.
  22. vulture essays
    Krysten Ritter on Breaking Bad: Team Walter White Until the Bitter End“Aaron, I love you, but you can’t hit me this hard!”
  23. NBC Buys Pilots from Krysten Ritter, Mike White, and MoreNBC has bought three sitcom pilots from familiar TV names. Krysten Ritter is working on yet another show with a swear word in the title; […]
  24. casting
    Krysten Ritter Will Star in Directorial Debut from Dustin Hoffman’s SonAsthma, about indie rockers in New York.
  25. casting couch
    Krysten Ritter Joins Veronica Mars MovieRyan Hansen, too.
  26. The Final 8 Episodes of ‘Don’t Trust the B’ Will Debut Online Next Month ABC canceled its critically-acclaimed comedy Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 in January with eight new episodes left unaired, and now, […]
  27. David Alan Grier, Krysten Ritter, Annie Mumolo All Land Pilots Network TV’s pilot season continues, and here are the latest actresses and actors who have been David Alan Grier and Ari Graynor (The […]
  28. casting couch
    Krysten Ritter Got a New JobAs an assistant.
  29. last night on late night
    Bill Murray: Escorted, Stun-Gunned on LettermanPlus: The Gaslight Anthem performed “Here Comes My Man,” and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  30. party chat
    Vulture Hosted a Don’t Trust the B—- Party Last NightAnd James Van Der Beek was there!
  31. last night on late night
    Fire Alarm Goes Off on Conan Mid–Van Der BeekPlus: Chelsea Handler threw a zombie foot at Milla Jovovich’s face, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  32. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Morgan Spurlock Was Escorted Onstage by StormtroopersPlus: Gabrielle Union admitted that what followed her TSA pat-down was even worse than the pat-down itself, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  33. last night on late night
    Zac Efron Competed in a Bra-Unhooking ContestPlus: Krysten Ritter sang Oasis on the street for money in Tokyo, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  34. chat room
    Krysten Ritter on Apartment 23, Dawson Leery, and Clueless“Like, I would run home from school to watch it. Like, I can quote it backwards.
  35. tv
    ABC Puts the Bitch Back in Apartment 23Well, the B anyway.
  36. Ladies Be Actin’: The NYTimes Profiles The New Female Faces Of Network TVThe New York Times’ David Itzkoff writes an interesting if somewhat meandering profile of several women starring in brand-new shows this fall, […]
  37. tv
    Could Next Season Be TV’s Most Female-Packed? We Look at the ContendersThey’re broken down by archetypes: the Rachels, the Buffys, the Cagney and Laceys …
  38. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Garner, WildePlus: ABC developing a show based on ‘The Prince of Tides.’
  39. choose your own adventure
    A Handy Flowchart to Pick Your Movie Best FriendHow to choose between Christina Applegate, Kathryn Hahn, Judy Greer, Krysten Ritter, and others.
  40. chat room
    Eric Schaeffer Talks Gravity, His PenisThe writer/director/actor says he no longer responds to online criticism, so don’t get your hopes up.
  41. the industry
    Forest Whitaker to Lead ‘The Patriots’Plus: Guess who’s joining the cast of Zack and Miri Make a Porno?