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  1. trailer mix
    Are You Ready for Kurt Russell’s Hot Santa?Netflix sure hopes so!
  2. the guardians
    Kurt Russell Thinks It’s ‘Sad’ James Gunn Was Fired by DisneyBut he understands the rationale, as much as he doesn’t agree with it.
  3. last night on late night
    Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Watched Overboard and Fell in Love Again“Sometimes you forget why you fall in love. I remembered everything.”
  4. last night on late night
    Kurt Russell Overcame a Major Hangover to Win Goldie Hawn’s HeartThe two lovebirds have been together since 1983.
  5. Ego the Living Planet, Guardians of the Galaxy 2’s Biggest Character, ExplainedHe has a long, if spotty, comics history.
  6. What We Know About Kurt Russell’s Role in Guardians of the Galaxy in One Video“I’m your father, Peter.”
  7. comic con 2016
    James Gunn’s Best Kurt Russell StoryIt involved Escape From New York.
  8. casting couch
    Russell, Gibson, and Hudson Join Barbary CoastThe TV series is based on Herbert Asbury’s book about the founding of San Francisco.
  9. sequels forever
    Here’s a First Look at Guardians of the Galaxy 2Also with 100 percent more Kurt Russell.
  10. guitars
    Jennifer Jason Leigh Mourns Her Dearly Departed Hateful Eight GuitarShe was “quite in love” with the guitar and is “heartbroken” over its demise.
  11. props
    Kurt Russell Smashed a Pricesless Guitar in H8The production was supposed to swap it out for a replica.
  12. fantasy casting
    Ten Action Stars Who Should Be in The Expendables 3Including a lady!
  13. casting
    Now Kurt Russell Has Dropped Out of Django UnchainedCan’t anyone stay in the cast of Quentin Tarantino’s movie?
  14. Kurt Russell Is the Newest Bad Guy in Tarantino’s Django Unchained’Django’ to be a mash-up of former Tarantino stars.
  15. ‘We Are the World 25.75’ Brings Celebs Together For a Good Cause, Bad […] In order to raise money for the LA Food Bank this holiday season, the crews at Comedy Deathray and Funny or Die put together this touching […]
  16. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Penn, Diablo CodyPlus: Soundgarden announces title and release date for new album.
  17. movies
    Five-Year-Old Boy Reenacts Famous Miracle Speech at FenwayStep it up, Yankees.
  18. excuses
    Kurt Russell’s Dubious Reason for Turning Down The ExpendablesNot interested in ensemble acting, eh?
  19. kudos
    For Your Consideration: Kurt Russell of ‘Death Proof’ for Best ActorYes, yes, the Oscars ignore comedy and horror films. But they also perpetrate a much less-discussed and more-insidious bias against people eating nachos.
  20. quote machine
    Kurt Russell Eats Punks Like You for BreakfastPlus Robert Duvall, Chris Noth, and Russell Crowe.
  21. the industry
    Julia Roberts to Make Fresh Flowers the New Blood Diamonds?