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  1. good one podcast
    51 Comedians Reveal Jokes They’d Like to Steal If They Could Get Away With ItJohn Mulaney, Kevin Hart, and more on the joke they wish they thought of first.
  2. stand-up
    Kyle Kinane Says It’s Time to Burn Down the BanksA chat with the comedian about what the pandemic means for the future of stand-up.
  3. castings
    Sarah Chalke Will Bring Her Voice to Netflix With Animated Paradise P.D.The new adult cartoon will focus on a bunch of bumbling cops.
  4. The Year’s Best Joke Is Also Its SaddestKyle Kinane used the lag time between when Netflix specials are taped and when they air to make the most impactful piece of comedy this year.
  5. Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s New Round of Half-Hour ‘The Standups’ […]Last year, Netflix added another batch of half-hour standup specials for its new series The Standups, and today the streaming network released […]
  6. The New Season of ‘The Standups’ Premieres on Netflix Next MonthLast year, Netflix revealed the lineup of the second season of its half-hour standup series The Standups, and now the next batch of episodes […]
  7. The One Meal No Comic Should Eat Before a Set, According to Kyle Kinane“That’s it, that satisfies me — it makes me a real fart-propelled machine.”
  8. Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘The Standups’ to Feature Aparna Nancherla, Kyle […]Netflix has another batch of half-hour standup specials in the works. The Standups will return to the streaming network sometime next year, and […]
  9. Catching Up with Kyle KinaneIn every great comic’s career comes a time where you have to do press for a thing you made. Sometimes it’s a new special, a big movie role, or […]
  10. good one podcast
    Kyle Kinane Found Comedic Salvation After the Biggest Bomb of His CareerIt took a high-profile failure for the comic find his true voice.
  11. year in culture 2016
    The 10 Best Stand-up Comedy Specials of 2016Hannibal Buress, Ali Wong, Bo Burnham, and more.
  12. Getting Loose with Kyle Kinane Kyle Kinane’s new one-hour special Loose in Chicago premieres tomorrow night at midnight on Comedy Central. It captures a comedian totally […]
  13. road diary
    5 Days on the Road With Comedian Kyle Kinane“Most people come here for the hummus” is not something you’ll hear in, say, Dallas, or anywhere.
  14. Kyle Kinane’s Standup Special ‘Loose in Chicago’ Premieres in October on […]Kyle Kinane’s third hourlong Comedy Central special premieres this fall. Titled Loose in Chicago, the special was filmed at Metro during […]
  15. Kyle Kinane, Cameron Esposito, Garfunkel & Oates to Headline High Plains […] Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival has announced its 2016 lineup, and it’s their biggest one yet, with headliners Kyle Kinane, Cameron […]
  16. Kyle Kinane and Dave Stone Launch a New Ghost-Inspired Podcast Two of the few remaining comedians without podcasts, Kyle Kinane and Dave Stone, have finally jumped on the bandwagon with the debut of their […]
  17. Kyle Kinane Announces a Bunch of New Standup Tour DatesKyle Kinane might be stopping by a city near you soon. Kinane announced a new batch of tour dates today that run from May through October with […]
  18. Watch Part 2 of ‘Not Safe with Nikki Glaser’s ‘Aural Sex’ Segment with […]Last month on Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, Glaser teamed up with Kyle Kinane to feed lines to porn stars in a live sex scene, and in case you […]
  19. Kyle Kinane and Nikki Glaser Feed Lines to Porn Stars in Tonight’s ‘Not […]Here’s a very NSFW sneak peek from tonight’s Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, where comedian Kyle Kinane joins Nikki to help her feed lines to two […]
  20. Check Out a New, Unreleased Track From Kyle Kinane’s ‘I Liked His Old […]Comedy Central Records just released the vinyl/audio version of Kyle Kinane’s standup special I Liked His Old Stuff Better, and it includes an […]
  21. Watch Kyle Kinane Perform Standup in a Soundproof Room Seven Minutes in Purgatory is a new standup show put together by Matt Byrne and Ian Abramson in which standups perform in a soundproof room, […]
  22. Watch Kyle Kinane’s ‘Tonight Show’ Standup SetAhead of his post-Comedy Central special tour, Kyle Kinane appeared on last night’s Tonight Show for a standup set all about what it means to […]
  23. Kyle Kinane Announces 2015 Standup Tour DatesFresh off the premiere of his new Comedy Central special I Liked His Old Stuff Better, Kyle Kinane is kicking off a cross-country 2015 tour. […]
  24. Learn What It’s Like to Be the Voice of Comedy Central with Kyle KinaneKyle Kinane doesn’t just have a new Comedy Central standup special airing tomorrow – he also happens to be the official voice of the network, […]
  25. Kyle Kinane Is Not Punk RockAfter a long, unconventional course of some fifteen years, Kyle Kinane finds himself at an interesting point in his comedy career. To his fans […]
  26. Pace Salsa Prankster Randy Liedtke May Have Committed Another Twitter HoaxLast week, LA-based standup Randy Liedtke tricked comedian Kyle Kinane and a bunch of people in the internet with a fake internet account for […]
  27. This Week in Comedy: Kyle Kinane vs. Pace Salsa, and Seth Meyers’s ‘Late […]-Standup Kyle Kinane had a hilarious Twitter interaction with a salsa company, but it turned out to just be a prank by comedian Randy […]
  28. Watch Kyle Kinane, Kurt Braunohler, and More Audition for a Movie Called […] Here’s a star-studded new video from Denver-based comedy trio The Grawlix (Ben Roy, Adam Cayton-Holland, and Andrew Orvedahl). It’s a series […]
  29. Comedian Randy Liedtke Talks About His Pace Salsa Twitter Account that […]Sunday night, comedian Kyle Kinane got into a hilarious interaction with the Twitter account for Pace Picante salsa that took the internet by […]
  30. Kyle Kinane Got Pace Salsa to Suspend Their Twitter Account (UPDATE)Standup Kyle Kinane got into a Twitter war with the account for salsa company Pace Foods over the weekend, and it looks like he won. After […]
  31. The Cherokee Effect Comedians: Kyle KinaneShucking the day job and hitting the open road is a dream for many, but for aspiring comedians, it’s a mandatory step to full-time success […]
  32. Kyle Kinane Tells a Story About How ’80s Pop Music Almost Got Him Killed Here’s the latest episode of Comedy Central’s web series This Is Not Happening, in which standups tell exciting stories about themselves. In […]
  33. Watch Kyle Kinane’s Comedy Central Pilot Kyle Kinane has been one of the funniest stand-ups going for the past few years. Last summer, he made this pilot, entitled Kyle Kinane’s Going […]
  34. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘Kyle Kinane - Whiskey Icarus’Whiskey Icarus, Kyle Kinane’s first Comedy Central special, came out this week as a CD/DVD combo pack. In this follow up to Kinane’s celebrated […]
  35. Kyle Kinane Had a Great Set on ‘Conan’ Last Night Here’s Kyle Kinane’s stand-up set on Conan yesterday, which was really funny, just like how stand-up sets are supposed to be. Nicely done!
  36. year in culture 2012
    The Top Ten Stand-up Specials of 2012Tig Notaro, John Mulaney, Patrice O’Neal, and more.
  37. Talking to Kyle Kinane About Standup, His New Hour Special, and Being […]Over the past few years, Kyle Kinane has emerged as one of the best stand-ups going, with his career rising as he’s continued to hone his […]
  38. Watch Kyle Kinane Play Video Games in a Basement on ‘Matt’s Game Chamber’ Here’s Kyle Kinane appearing on the first episode of L.A.-based standup Matt Ingebretson’s funny new web series “Matt’s Game Chamber.” […]
  39. Kyle Kinane’s Hour Special ‘Whiskey Icarus’ Coming to Comedy Central […] One of the funniest stand-ups going, Kyle Kinane has his first hour-long special debuting on Comedy Central on November 24th at 11pm, the […]
  40. Kyle Kinane’s New Comedy Central Web Series Puts Political Ads in Their […] Comedy Central has given hilarious stand-up Kyle Kinane a brand new web series, called “30 Seconds Over Washington,” as part of their […]
  41. Kyle Kinane Spends a Depressing Few Days with a Worse, More Racist Jeff […] “How much food can you fit on an ironing board?” Kyle Kinane always asks the perfect questions. It must’ve been quite a contrast seeing Kyle […]
  42. ‘Esquire’ Got Comedians to Pick the Best New ComediansEsquire brought Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, Chris Hardwick, Amy Schumer, Andy Kindler, and Seth Herzog in to name their favorite new comedians. […]
  43. Kyle Kinane Explains How a Comment about Colin Kane Turned into a Twitter […]If you follow fantastic comedian Kyle Kinane on Twitter (and you should), you might’ve noticed the crazy shitstorm that happened yesterday. […]
  44. 8 Promising Series That Comedy Central Didn’t Pick Up This YearEvery year, Comedy Central, like all of the other networks, announces a new slate of shows it’s developing, and it’s always an impressive […]
  45. This John Hodgman Backstage Tour Is Almost Like Being at SXSW Come one, come all, to the tour of the glamorous accomodations at Esther’s Follies comedy show at SXSW. A vegetarian option will be provided. […]
  46. Travels with Kyle, Dispatch #3: Omaha, NE and Sioux Falls, SD“Give me a second with those beers, guys, I’ve gotta go get ice on this buffalo.” Kyle and I are in Interior, South Dakota, just outside […]
  47. Travels with Kyle, Dispatch #2: Boulder, CO and Sturgis, SD“I’ve never been to Sturgis, I just thought I’d showed up at the ugliest gay pride parade I’ve ever seen. Really, that much leather and tassels […]
  48. Travels with Kyle, Dispatch #1: Los Angeles and Las Vegas“Finally, Mustard.” It seems weird to have a password to get into a comedy show, but that’s what you had to say to get into RBar in Los […]
  49. Kyle Kinane Talks About Sad Nights with a Cabbie on Conan Kyle Kinane was on Conan last night, and he relayed a story of getting drunk at home and then calling a cab to bring him to Wendy’s. It’s both […]