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  1. cameos
    I Can’t Stop Thinking About These 14 Seconds in How to With John WilsonWait, is that Kyle MacLachlan?
  2. movie review
    Tesla Is a Bizarre, Bewitching Anti-BiopicSee Ethan Hawke sing “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”
  3. twin peaks at 30
    Why Agent Cooper’s Twin Peaks Entrance Is So BrilliantBest TV character introduction of all time?
  4. extremely online
    Congrats to Kyle MacLachlan, Who Finally Got Me Interested in TikTokA damn fine inaugural video.
  5. sundance 2020
    Ethan Hawke Finds Out His Role In Tesla Was Originally Meant for Jack NicholsonHe reacts as anyone would: with an impression.
  6. art du jour
    Take a Look at This Damn Fine Twin Peaks Map, Drawn by David LynchWe need a poster.
  7. trailer mix
    Trailer: Patricia Heaton Finds Silver Fox at Her Hospital in Carol’s Second ActThe internship starts this fall.
  8. nothing to fear but fear itself
    Kyle MacLachlan to Join Illustrious List of Men Who Have Played FDRFrom Mayor of Portland to POTUS!
  9. regrets
    Kyle MacLachlan Had the Same Reaction You Did the First Time He Saw ShowgirlsAt least he got to go skiing during production!
  10. last night on late night
    As It Turns Out, David Lynch Refers to Kyle MacLachlan As ‘Kale’And not because of the vegetable.
  11. festival of disruption 2017
    The Hidden Significance Behind Dougie’s Favorite Statue in Twin PeaksIt all goes back to David Lynch’s family.
  12. casting couch
    Kyle MacLachlan Joins Next Creepy Project: The House With a Clock in Its WallsThe original 1973 John Bellairs horror novel was illustrated by Edward Gorey, so the creepiness bar has been set very high.
  13. roll clip!
    We Wouldn’t Mind Spending 25 Years in The Late Late Show’s Red RoomEnunciate your words, damnit!
  14. roll clip!
    Yes, Kyle MacLachlan Says His Twin Peaks Sex Scene With Ex Laura Dern Was Weird“Okay, here we go … ”
  15. chat room
    Kyle MacLachlan on the Art of Playing Twin Peaks: The Return’s Many CoopersAnd basing Dougie’s “Hello!” on David Lynch himself.
  16. Twin Peaks x Vulture: A Random Nightmare▶️ The cast of Twin Peaks — including Kyle McLachlan and Naomi Watts — created this short film with Vulture in the spirit of the series.
  17. the joys of social media
    All Hail Kyle MacLachlan’s Twin Peaks Social-Media BlitzDamn fine memes.
  18. slideshows
    The Returning Stars of Twin Peaks, Then and NowEveryone looks great.
  19. The Best Show on TV Is Twin Peaks: The ReturnNo other series takes as many chances.
  20. close reads
    In Praise of Dougie Jones, the Biggest Tease in the New Twin PeaksThe bizarrely hilarious character is Twin Peaks at its best.
  21. chat room
    Nicole LaLiberte Says Filming Her Grisly Twin Peaks Motel-Room Scene Was ‘Fun’“You get to go places you don’t usually get to go. You get rattled by your own work, and that was exciting.”
  22. anatomy of a hairline
    Take a Moment to Appreciate Kyle MacLachlan’s Hair in the Twin Peaks PremiereHe’s seen better hair days.
  23. refreshers
    Where Twin Peaks Left Off: A Complete Guide to the Show’s Returning CharactersEven long-dead characters will be back for the new season.
  24. roll clip!
    Showtime Is Just Mercilessly Teasing Us With Twin Peaks Content at This PointNot that we’re complaining.
  25. mysteries
    It Looks Like Laura Dern’s Going to Have a Big Part in the Twin Peaks RevivalShe will talk about birds “at least once.”
  26. trailer mix
    Showtime’s New Twin Peaks Trailer Is a Blast From the PastThe premiere is near.
  27. twin peaks
    Prepare to Get Weird With Twin Peaks at South by SouthwestNeko Case, M. Ward, and Tame Impala will be performing “Twin Peaks–inspired” music.
  28. trailer mix
    FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper Returns in Latest Twin Peaks TeaserSomeone get this man a damn fine cup of coffee.
  29. roll clip!
    Here’s a Damn Fine Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse at the New Twin Peaks“The journeys that the characters go on is remarkable.”
  30. dame fine festival
    Kyle MacLachlan Teases the Twin Peaks Revival: ‘It’s Gonna Be Amazing’At David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption.
  31. roll clip!
    Watch John Malkovich Impersonate Dale Cooper“Diane, never drink coffee that has been anywhere near a fish.”
  32. voice work
    Series Actors to Lend Voices to Twin Peaks BookThe novel will bridge the gap between the original series and the upcoming revival.
  33. Learn About the Coolest Austin Neighborhoods with Some Help from […]Here’s a sneak peek of this week’s episode of Portlandia, where Fred meets up with Kyle MacLachlan – who plays both the mayor of Portland and […]
  34. keep coming back
    Kyle MacLachlan Is Coming Back to Twin PeaksLong live Agent Dale Cooper.
  35. where are they now
    Twin Peaks Alumni: Where Are They Now?Cast members speak on the show’s past and future. 
  36. tv
    How I Met Your Mother Finally Explained ‘The Pineapple Incident’Shockingly, it involves the Captain.
  37. guest stars
    A Familiar Face Is Headed Back to How I Met Your MotherCaptain, my captain!
  38. Kyle MacLachlan Cast on The Good WifeAdmit it, you thought Kyle MacLachlan had already been on The Good Wife.
  39. chat room
    Kyle MacLachlan on Made in Jersey and Portlandia“There is a great enthusiasm there for all things Pacific Northwest.”
  40. bookhouse boys
    Agent Cooper Wants to Go Back to Twin PeaksUnfortunately, it doesn’t sound like David Lynch will be involved.