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  1. couples
    Zooey Deschanel Used to Send ‘Stalkery’ Tweets to the Property Brothers“I liked the show before I met you guys.”
  2. love
    Killing Eve Will Be Back Two Weeks Early, Thank GodComing to murder you April 12.
  3. valentine's day
    16 Sweet, Tenacious, Crazy Comedy Songs About LoveWhether you love sex, friendship, yourself, or bologna, these songs have you covered.
  4. love
    Sharon Stone Begs Bumble to Please Let Her Find LoveUnlike you, she’s not pretending to be Sharon Stone online to get dates.
  5. love
    Someone Hug Céline Dion ImmediatelyIn a candid interview, the songstress admitted she “misses to be touched, misses to be hugged.”
  6. mysteries
    Okay, But Seriously, Which One of Brad Pitt’s Ex-Girlfriends Did Ellen Date?It all goes down at Melissa Etheridge’s pool parties, apparently.
  7. love on the brain
    Rihanna Found Love (in a Hopeless Place)The singer opens up about her relationship.
  8. love
    What Will I Do Now That I’m Not Spending Valentine’s Day With My Fifty Shades?Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, of course.
  9. love
    Patti Stanger Will Give You an Engagement Ring If You Propose at Her ShowShe’s taking away your last excuse.
  10. the one that got away
    Josh Groban As Shocked As You Are Katy Perry Called Him ‘The One That Got Away’“I was not expecting that. It was a double-take and a spit of my coffee when I saw that.”
  11. movies
    Is This Teen Rom-Com Love Interest Really Worth Dating?We examine the best — and worst — teen love interests, from Jake Ryan to Peter Kavinsky.
  12. le romance
    Here’s Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s Engagement Photo, If You CareTo quote the greatest singer in American history: “Good love is hard to find. You got lucky, babe.”
  13. cor cordium
    Surprise! Michelle Williams Married Mount Eerie’s Phil ElverumSome blessed news.
  14. love
    Yes, Of Course Ariana Grande Has a Song on Her New Album Called ‘Pete’And she doesn’t wanna hear what you have to say about it.
  15. Aw, 2 Chainz Just Proposed on the Met Gala Red CarpetThe rapper said he decided to pop the question on the red carpet “about a minute ago.”
  16. NYC Stories: Gillian Jacobs’s East Village Bar Crawl Doesn’t Go As PlannedThe star of Netflix series Love, recounts a spontaneous night out in her youth that went slightly awry.
  17. Let’s Talk About the End of LoveIt surprised me at a moment when I wasn’t necessarily expecting any surprises from Love.
  18. Reviewing the Third and Final Season of Netflix’s ‘Love’It was perhaps overambitious to call a TV show Love. Like a show co-creator Lesley Arfin’s prior gig, Girls, the title suggests a universality […]
  19. Love Ends, With a Few SurprisesThe final season of the Netflix series goes to unexpected places in its third act.
  20. vulture lists
    What’s New on Netflix: March 2018Martin Scorsese’s Casino, a documentary about the Flint water crisis, and much more.
  21. Here’s the Trailer for the Third and Final Season of Netflix’s ‘Love’As is the tradition, Netflix is celebrating Valentine’s Day today by releasing the trailer for the new season of Love. The Judd Apatow, Lesley […]
  22. trailer mix
    Love Is Ending; Watch the Trailer for Its Third and Final SeasonPremiering March 9.
  23. The Most Effective Mood-Killer MoviesWhether you’re trying to bask in your own loneliness or keeping things chaste during a frosty date, here’s a selection of films negating romance.
  24. love
    For the Hungry Boy! Valentine’s Day Cards Inspired by Phantom ThreadUse them carefully.
  25. I’ll Be Holding a Red Rose, by Lucas GardnerHey Sandra, Just wanted to say I can’t wait for our blind date this Friday! I’ll see you 7 o’ clock sharp at Maguire’s Pub. Since you don’t […]
  26. cancellations
    Netflix Will Break Things Off With Love After Its Third SeasonThe third season will premiere March 29.
  27. ‘Love’ Will End Its Run on Netflix After Season 3The end is near for Love. Variety reports that Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin, and Paul Rust’s Netflix comedy series will end after its upcoming […]
  28. Brit Marling’s First Paid Acting Job Was Kissing Gillian JacobsThe stars of the The OA and Love talk about their early roles on Community and Hollywood’s gender divide.
  29. vulture festival 2017
    Al Franken, Riverdale, Crazy Ex, and Others Join This Year’s Vulture FestivalThe lineup just keeps getting better.
  30. spooky scary
    Lana Del Rey Says She’s Haunting Hollywood, Teases Her New Album in TrailerYou can probably catch her on Tuesdays, though.
  31. overnights
    Love Season Finale Recap: True Love Will Find You in the EndBest of luck to Gus and Mickey. They’re going to need it.
  32. overnights
    Love Recap: Go ForeverMickey’s addiction reels her back toward bad decisions.
  33. overnights
    Love Recap: Separation Anxiety“Liberty Down” gives us a glimpse at what Mickey’s life would be like if she were alone.
  34. overnights
    Love Recap: Smoking KillsWith both Gus and Mickey functioning at their least decent, who’s in the wrong?
  35. overnights
    Love Recap: Introducing Marty Dobbs“Marty Dobbs” is tense, cohesive, and furthers our understanding of Mickey’s struggle.
  36. overnights
    Love Recap: The Lifespan of a CricketWay to grow a backbone, Gus!
  37. overnights
    Love Recap: Mall RatsBertie and Randy make Gus and Mickey seem like a match made in heaven.
  38. overnights
    Love Recap: Eff Timing“A Day” creates a fully realized portrait of Gus and Mickey’s relationship.
  39. overnights
    Love Recap: The Coyote of Destiny“Shrooms” is a totally endearing episode.
  40. overnights
    Love Recap: Stunted GrowthThis show isn’t really fit for binge-watching.
  41. last night on late night
    Gillian Jacobs Learned How to Play Drunk By Watching Vanderpump Rules“That is what really drunk people look like.”
  42. chat room
    Love’s Claudia O’Doherty on Moving to America and Pretending to Be Sad“They created a character for me that’s not a million miles from who I am, or maybe who I was a few years ago.”
  43. overnights
    Love Recap: Textual TensionMickey and Gus are bound for disaster.
  44. love stories
    The Creators of Love on Why It Will Inspire Your Next Breakup“It’s not ‘will they or won’t they?’ It’s ‘should or shouldn’t they?’”
  45. overnights
    Love Recap: HomecomingThis season is going to be totally brutal, isn’t it?
  46. In Season Two, Love Gets ComplicatedYour relationship with this Netflix series may veer from love to hate and back again.
  47. lana del rey
    Lana Del Rey’s ‘Love’ Is Marvelously Good“Love” is pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a Lana Del Rey song: short verses, no shortage of repetitions, and so obvious it hurts.
  48. new music
    Float Into Space with Lana Del Rey’s New Music Video for ‘Love’The cosmic, vintage-inspired video is an ode to love that’s “out of this world.”
  49. The Season 2 Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Love’ Has ArrivedNetflix just released the first full trailer for Judd Apatow and Lesley Arfin’s comedy Love, which has already been renewed by the streaming […]
  50. exclusive
    Mickey and Gus Are Extremely Bad at Taking Things Slowly in Love S2 TrailerComing to Netflix March 10.
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