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  1. oscar bait
    New Aladdin Will Have Songs From Greatest Showman and La La Land Writing DuoThe pair won Best Original Song for “City of Stars” last year.
  2. best picture
    Steve Harvey on the Oscars Best Picture Mistake: ‘I Was Free! Thank You, God!’“When he walked out there and snatched that card out of Warren’s hand, that’s when I knew redemption was mine.”
  3. debutante ball
    Ava Phillippe, a Fool Who Dreams, Waltzed to La La Land at a Debutante BallThe teenager made her debut at the 25th annual Bal des Débutantes in Paris.
  4. Every Emma Stone Movie, Ranked From Worst to BestFrom Superbad to Battle of the Sexes, she’s shown astonishing range in a decade onscreen.
  5. doing tv
    La La Land Director Damien Chazelle to Develop Musical TV Series for NetflixChazelle will direct The Eddy, a musical drama about a club and its band.
  6. moonlight oscars mix-up
    Faye Dunaway Feels ‘Very Guilty’ About That Best Picture Mistake at the OscarsThe actress sat down with Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News to explain what happened.
  7. the sports section
    Roger Federer Might Have Bad Taste In MoviesHe didn’t like La La Land’s ending.
  8. la la la la
    ‘Frustrating’ Scheduling Issues Kept Emma Watson From La La LandWhat could’ve been.
  9. oscars 2017
    Academy President Promises Oscars Changes to ‘Ensure This Never Happens Again’Cheryl Boone Isaacs addressed PwC, Beatty and Dunaway, and more in a note to Academy members.
  10. pranks
    Movie Theater Pranks Moonlight Audience by Playing a Few Seconds of La La LandAs if Moonlight fans haven’t been tortured enough by this.
  11. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the Hero of Sunday’s Oscar Mix-up Was Denzel Washington“He yells, ‘Barry!’ and I was like, ‘What?’”
  12. sorry
    The Academy Issued an Apology Statement for the Oscars Best Picture Mix-upThough they’d also like to remind everyone that PwC has taken full responsibility.
  13. WATCH: A Brief History of the Wrong Winners Being CrownedLa La Land certainly wasn’t the first.
  14. envelopes
    Everything We Know About That Oscars Best Picture Mix-upWhy did Warren Beatty get the wrong envelope?
  15. oscars 2017
    The La La Land Best Picture Mix-up Was a Fitting End to a Confused OscarsNo one seemed to know what they wanted out of the ceremony.
  16. making faces
    What Was Everyone in the Oscars Audience Thinking When Moonlight Actually Won?Every kind of shock, from Meryl to the Rock.
  17. oscars 2017
    Oscars’ Last-Minute Surprise Highlights What’s Wrong With the Bloated Award ShowMoonlight beating La La Land was a great TV moment. How many people turned off the Academy Awards before it happened?
  18. oscars 2017
    The Accounting Firm Behind Oscar Voting Apologizes for the Best Picture Mix-up“We are currently investigating how this could have happened, and deeply regret that this occurred.”
  19. oscars 2017
    See the Casts of Moonlight and La La Land the Moment They Learned of Oscar SnafuPlus a bonus Meryl reaction shot, just for fun.
  20. gifs
    A GIF Breakdown of the Oscars’ Last-Minute Best Picture SwitcharooA step-by-step breakdown to the Oscar Shocker.
  21. oscars 2017
    Emma Stone Says Her Best Actress Envelope Not to Blame for Best Picture Shocker“I don’t mean to start stuff, but whatever story that was — I had that card.”
  22. oscars 2017
    The Moonlight Mix-up, Plus Other Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the 2017 OscarsYou’ll always remember where you were when Faye Dunaway said, “La La Land.”
  23. oscars 2017
    Moonlight Wins Best Picture After the Oscar is Given to La La Land by AccidentSend flowers to the family of whoever gave Warren Beatty the wrong envelope.
  24. oscars 2017
    So, Damien Chazelle, You Just Won Best Director in Your 30s — Now What?Lessons Damien Chazelle can take from other directors who won an Oscar before they turned 40.
  25. oscars 2017
    John Legend Single-Handedly Saves La La Land’s Songs at the OscarsCity of stars, are you shining just for John Legend?
  26. Watch the 3 Color Tricks That Defined La La Land’s Dreamy Los AngelesMia’s yellow dress is a pretty important plot device.
  27. oscars 2017
    What This Year’s Oscar Race Means for Female ProtagonistsThree female-led films — Arrival, Hidden Figures, and La La Land — are competing for Best Picture this year, which ties the record.
  28. costumes
    The Story of the Dress That Might Win La La Land the Costume OscarDesigner Mary Zophres tells the story behind Emma Stone’s iconic yellow dress.
  29. the sense of an ending and also a beginning
    Damien Chazelle’s Guide to Beginnings and EndingsThe La La Land director is Hollywood’s master of beginnings and endings. Here’s how he does it.
  30. the awards show show
    How This Year’s Oscar Movies Are Revamping Their Awards-Season NarrativesOn this week’s episode of The Awards Show Show, hosts Kyle Buchanan and John Horn look at films that have pivoted to new talking points.
  31. movies
    The Six Shadiest Lines From Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Analysis of La La LandKareem Abdul-Jabbar would’ve liked La La Land much better if it were entirely different in every way.
  32. oscars 2017
    John Legend, Lin-Manuel Miranda to Perform at the OscarsJustin Timberlake will perform “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” too.
  33. the batman
    Okay Batfleck, We’ve Found Your Next Director: Damien ChazelleLa La Land director Damien Chazelle is perfectly suited to give a little jazz-infused TLC to Batfleck.
  34. award season
    La La Land Gets One Step Closer to Oscar Glory by Taking Top Honor at DGA AwardsIt’s another day of sun … and a win.
  35. la la land
    Once Upon a Time to Do Musical Episode — How Ever Will It Find the Inspiration?Disney princesses, time to start practicing those trills.
  36. oscars 2017
    Could La La Land Win the Most Oscars Ever?Appraising the musical’s chances in every category.
  37. roll clip!
    Ryan Gosling Got Meryl to Compliment His MomRyan Gosling is a sweetheart.
  38. close reads
    La La Land Is Clueless About What’s Actually Happening in JazzThe genre has already reckoned with and resolved the debate over the sanctity of jazz.
  39. the industry
    Lionsgate is Weighing the Possibility of a Live La La Land Stage ShowHere’s to the ones who dreamed.
  40. baftas 2017
    2017 BAFTA Noms: Turns Out, the Brits Have Fallen for La La Land, TooNocturnal Animals and Arrival were also a hit.
  41. oscars 2017
    For Years, No One in Hollywood Wanted to Make La La Land “It’s the typical Hollywood story,” says director Damien Chazelle. “Everything falls apart.”
  42. and look at him now
    On Damien Chazelle’s Little-Seen First FilmMade while he was a student at Harvard, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench was Chazelle’s musical dry-run.
  43. oscar futures
    How Will La La Land’s Golden Globes Sweep Affect the Oscar Race?The movie might begin with a sequence set in deadlocked traffic, but from here, expect La La Land to enjoy a smooth journey to Oscar.
  44. feminist ryan gosling
    Ryan Gosling Gave the Most Feminist Ryan Gosling Golden Globes SpeechRyan Gosling is Hollywood’s leading Ryan.
  45. golden globes 2017
    Watch Jimmy Fallon’s La La Land Cold OpenLong live Barb! 
  46. party chats
    Damien Chazelle Reveals the Movie That Influenced La La Land’s EndingIt’s a 1927 film called 7th Heaven.
  47. behind the musical
    Talking to La La Land Songwriters Pasek and PaulHow Benj Pasek and Justin Paul met their doppelgängers and wrote the words for the year’s hottest musical.
  48. the awards show show
    Crazy Ex’s Rachel Bloom Discusses La La LandIt’s the latest episode of The Awards Show Show podcast, which also includes our hosts’ year-end top-ten lists.
  49. la la land
    La La Land’s Ending Reveals the Movie’s True RomanceIn a musical about dreams and success, La La Land’s love story is an afterthought.
  50. Song Exploder: The Secrets of La La Land’s Pivotal Final NumberComposer Justin Hurwitz breaks down Emma Stone’s big solo number.
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