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La La Land

  1. debates
    Damien Chazelle on La La Land’s Jazz Nostalgia“You want to extend a tradition, not just repeat it.”
  2. your box office explained
    Was Rogue One’s Box Office Solid or Sensational?$155 million is a lot of money. But is it Star Wars money?
  3. oscars 2017
    Here Are All 91 Best Original Song ContendersLa La Land and What Happened Last Night each have three candidates.
  4. oh canada!
    Ryan Gosling Knows Justin Trudeau Is Also Your BoyfriendCanadians make the best boyfriends.
  5. critics choice awards 2016
    Here’s the Complete Critics’ Choice Award Winners ListLa La Land won big, with honors also going to Moonlight, Silicon Valley, and Game of Thrones.
  6. your box office explained
    Everyone Was Excited for La La Land at the Box Office This WeekendIt’s topped Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea in at least one respect.
  7. Can Ryan Gosling Really Sing and Dance?Gosling does it all in this movie — or does he?
  8. supercut
    Watch a Supercut of the Year’s Best Movies, Neatly Packaged in 13 MinutesThe last two minutes might leave you weepy.
  9. year in culture 2016
    The 10 Best Movies of 2016 — and 6 MoreThere were too many great films this year to include in a mere ten best list.
  10. movie review
    La La Land Salutes, and Updates, the Hollywood MusicalYou want to sing its praises, literally.
  11. award season
    La La Land Critics’ Choice Awards Front-runnerDamien Chazelle’s musical scored a dozen nominations. 
  12. process
    The Backstory on La La Land’s Tricky Party SceneThe writer-director and star take us through an intricate sequence that climaxes with a showstopping poolside dance extravaganza.
  13. textual relations
    J.Law and Emma Stone Texted Daily for a YearIt is a womance that “transcends ugly stereotypes”… sort of.
  14. the awards show show
    The Awards Show Show: How Donald Trump Shook Up the Oscars RaceDo voters want movies with a message, or do they want escapism?
  15. right-click
    Hear Gosling and Stone’s La La Land Duet“City of Stars” is here to melt your heart.
  16. 73 questions
    Even the Greats Have Flaws: Emma Stone Can’t Play the RecorderShe also reveals that Ryan Gosling is “bloodthirsty and vengeful.”
  17. tambourines
    Emma Stone Played the Tambourine for PrinceIn further proof that Emma Stone is cooler than you.
  18. the award goes to...
    La La Land Won Big at the Hamptons Film FestDamien Chazelle might want to invest in a nice display case.
  19. movies
    Ryan Gosling Wears a Keytar in La La Land, Just FYI“I made him wear a keytar,” boasts director Damien Chazelle. “He was like, ‘I see what you’re doing here.’”
  20. the award goes to...
    La La Land Wins the Audience Award at TIFFThat low, almost imperceptible vibration you feel in your sternum is referred to as Oscar buzz.
  21. toronto 2016
    Will Best Actress Be a Battle Between Natalie Portman and Emma Stone?Which of these buzzy performances, in Jackie and La La Land, will come out on top?
  22. toronto film festival
    Stone and Gosling’s La La Land Charms TIFFLa La Land is the film equivalent of getting handed an ice-cream sundae. 
  23. awards insider
    La La Land and Moonlight Dominating the Film Festivals So FarSully, Hacksaw Ridge, and Amy Adams also had people talking.
  24. the industry
    Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Star in La La LandCrazy, Stupid La La Land.
  25. the industry
    Emma Stone Close to Starring in Damien Chazelle’s Musical La La LandRyan Gosling is rumored to be the male lead.