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Labor Unrest

  1. beef
    Picket Lines Outside The Biggest Loser?It’s not because marching is a good form of cardiovascular exercise.
  2. solidarity
    Labor Dispute Temporarily Shuts Down The Biggest LoserNope, it wasn’t because of the borderline inhumane conditions faced by the contestants.
  3. the hobbit
    The Hobbit Stays in New ZealandBoth of Peter Jackson’s films will be shot there after the government throws in some incentives.
  4. labor unrest
    The Situation: Scab?“Mike decided in order to get season 3 done he was going to have to lead the pack and wants to encourage the rest of his cast to follow his lead.”
  5. labor unrest
    Transportation Strike Could Shut Down HollywoodTeamsters would stop work August 1.
  6. labor unrest
    Actors’ Strike Nonsense Finally OverWas anyone actually worried about an actors’ strike? If so, they can finally put their minds at ease.
  7. labor unrest
    Strike-Happy SAG Director OustedIf you’d been hoping for a Hollywood-crippling actors’ strike, we have bad news.
  8. labor unrest
    SAG Delays Strike Vote Since It Basically Has No ChanceOwing to growing dissent among its own ranks, SAG leaders announced last night that they’re delaying the strike vote for two weeks.
  9. labor unrest
    Vote ‘Yes’ on Actors’ Strike, Urge Actors Who Haven’t Worked in YearsWho could blame them? Picket lines are great for networking!
  10. labor unrest
    So Is This Actors’ Strike Going to Happen or What?Maybe!
  11. labor unrest
    SAG Seeks Authorization to Strike, Destroy What’s Left of HollywoodA strike could happen soon enough to prevent the Golden Globe Awards from taking place in January, though we’d imagine there would also be a downside.
  12. strike zone
    Too Cold to Picket: Writers’ Strike Finally Over!The strike is over!
  13. strike zone
    WGA Announces Tentative Deal; Tina Fey Goes Back to WorkIt’s true!
  14. strike zone
    Is the Writers’ Strike Pretty Much Over?Yes.
  15. strike zone
    Nobody Get Excited; Writers’ Strike Not Quite Over YetDespite any excitement over a possible end to the writers’ strike soon, Writers Guild and AMPTP insiders say “there’s still a possibility this thing could get fucked.”
  16. strike zone
    Is the Writers’ Strike Finally Over?Just as we were finally beginning to accept the reality of a future without scripted television, it seems as though the writers’ strike may actually be nearing an end.
  17. strike zone
    WGA Resolution Means Grammys Will Go Ahead As Planned — But There’s Good News Too!The WGA continues to play awards-show hardball, being coy today over whether it will grant a waiver for next month’s Oscar ceremony.
  18. strike zone
    Dave Grohl and Beyoncé to Scab It Up at the GrammysAmid fears that the ongoing writers’ strike might prevent next month’s Grammy Awards from being anything but the glorious miracle that we’re all accustomed to, SAG members Beyoncé and Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl have announced they will break with their guild and defy picket lines.
  19. strike zone
    Directors Make Deal; Writers Declare It ‘Neither Reason for Celebration Nor Mourning’So get your party hats out of storage, but don’t put them on yet, is basically what we’re saying.
  20. strike zone
    Could a DGA Deal This Week End the Writers’ Strike?But the news isn’t all smiley faces on placards! Plus, the true victims of the strike: entertainment journalists.
  21. kudos
    Can the Writers’ Strike Save Us From the Grammys?“What?” you might ask. “I thought the Grammys were a three-hour unscripted mess!”
  22. the early-evening news
    Thinking of Going to See ‘The Little Mermaid’ on Broadway? Don’t!Plus: The Golden Globes go Bushless!
  23. the take
    ‘The Daily Show’: Jon Stewart Displays His Strike Guilt, Unibrow“He should have done like Ellen did and had a bongo recital.”
  24. strike zone
    Golden Globes Ceremony Canceled; NBC to Air Some Nonsense InsteadOwing to the celebrities’ refusal to cross picket lines to collect their statues at Sunday night’s planned Golden Globes ceremony, NBC, Dick Clark, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association have officially called off the event.
  25. strike zone
    Stewart and Colbert Return! But Will They Be Any Good?Tonight marks the triumphant (?), writerless return of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert after a two-month absence from late night.
  26. strike zone
    Writerless Late Shows Officially Out of GuestsWith most good film and TV stars unwilling to cross WGA picket lines to appear on writerless late-night shows, the Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live are finding it increasingly difficult to book decent guests
  27. strike zone
    Golden Globes Will Probably Not Be Televised — Like You Cared AnywayOver the weekend came news that could potentially disappoint maybe ten people, at most — it’s now looking increasingly likely that next Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards will be a untelevised event.
  28. strike zone
    Jay Leno: Scabby Scab or the Scabbiest Scab?Though the newly returned Tonight Show is not allowed to use writers during the ongoing strike, WGA member Jay Leno has been telling monologue jokes he claims to have written himself for the past two nights — but the Writers Guild, like many of us, isn’t laughing.
  29. strike zone
    Late Night Returns! Letterman Books Robin Williams, Leno Settles for Mike HuckabeeAfter a two-month absence thanks to the prolonged writers’ strike, the network late shows return tonight, Letterman and Ferguson with their full writing staffs and Leno, Conan, and Kimmel with only their wits and/or Kevin Eubanks.
  30. strike zone
    Letterman Returns With Scribes, Finally Answering the Question: Do Writers Actually Matter?Can Letterman make up his long-standing ratings deficit when he can offer monologues and Top Ten lists while his competitor, presumably, can only offer an hour of Jaywalking?
  31. strike zone
    ‘Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert Report’ to Return! Why Stewart Will Be Okay, But Colbert Is ScrewedSurprise — The Daily Show should still be able to have its correspondents file reports.
  32. the early-evening news
    Bender Lives! And Brews!Plus: So long, People’s Choice Awards.
  33. strike zone
    Writers Guild Rejects Waivers for Awards Shows — Golden Globes to Be Entertaining?Last night in Los Angeles, the Writers Guild denied a waiver that would have allowed the Golden Globes to use writers for its live NBC telecast, and turned down a request from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to show clips from movies and previous awards shows during its Oscar broadcast in February.
  34. strike zone
    Letterman Set to Return Thanks to WGA’s Plan to Bypass AMPTPWhy doesn’t everyone do this?
  35. strike zone
    Late-Night Shows to Return? Letterman to Shave?With the increasing likelihood that the writers’ strike will last forever, the late-night hosts may be secretly plotting their return.
  36. strike zone
    Writers’ Strike Means Awards Shows Could Be Even Worse Than UsualNot only will writers be unable to pen hilarious banter for the shows’ hosts and presenters, networks are now worried that stars may stay home in solidarity with the picketing writers.
  37. strike zone
    Fake AMPTP Website Actually Pretty Funny, Despite Nikki Finke’s RecommendationThe official Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers Website is located at amptp.org, but today Vulture buddy Nikki Finke points us to amptp.com where some Writers Guild cutups have set up a fake site.
  38. strike zone
    Writers’-Strike Talks Break Down Again, 2008 to Be Really BoringNegotiations between the Writers Guild and the AMPTP broke down Friday night, and no one’s sure when they’ll resume — possibly never!
  39. strike zone
    Carson Daly Returns!In a move that certainly hasn’t won him many friends, Carson Daly returned to air last night, his Last Call the first late-night talk show to come back after writers’ strike began on November 5.
  40. strike zone
    Jimmy Kimmel Pays Staff, Shuts Up About ItPlus: Jay Leno pays his staff, then holds a press conference and hires a skywriter to tell the world!
  41. apropos of nothing
    David Letterman’s Writers Make the Best Case Yet That TV Writers Don’t Deserve Extra for Internet Work“In your kidneys.”
  42. strike zone
    Carson Daly Heroically Avoids Picketing Writer Who Leaped in Front of His SUV“Carson Daly Almost Ran Me Over at NBC,” screams the headline of a Saturday post over at Deadline Hollywood Daily. But did Daly actually try to hit someone with his SUV? Probably not.
  43. strike zone
    Broadway Stagehands’ Strike Finally Over!Yay!
  44. strike zone
    Give Carson Daly a Break!Yesterday, it was announced that strapping television personality Carson Daly will defy the ongoing writers’ strike and resume production this week on his late-night talk show Last Call, currently one of NBC’s highest-rated programs among viewers who frequently forget to turn off the TV before going to bed.
  45. the early-evening news
    Talks Break Down Between Broadway Stagehands and Producers — Strike to Go On Forever?Plus: Milwaukee gives the Fonz his due!
  46. strike zone
    Who’s Updating Creed’s Blog While ‘The Office’ Writers Are on Strike?Is it a show writer crossing picket lines? Were the new posts stockpiled in advance of the strike? If so, why didn’t they stockpile a few more new episodes while they were at it?
  47. strike zone
    Is the End Nigh for the Writers’ Strike?Maybe! But we doubt it.
  48. strike zone
    Are Things Finally Looking Up for Our Picketing Entertainers?Yes!
  49. strike zone
    Guess the Mystery Scab!Vulture buddy Nikki Finke is reporting that a “high profile TV writer-producer” who is “also a member of another guild” has been accused of “doing rewrites on his currently airing TV series as well as two projects in pre-production, one of which is still on schedule to begin shooting very soon.”
  50. last night's gig
    Live From New York, It’s ‘30 Rock’!Jack McBrayer was improvising a tampon commercial while guarding an opponent in an imaginary basketball game last night at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater, and despite being an actor known for his impressive improv skills, he just wasn’t hitting the mark.
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