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  1. controversy
    A Trans Netflix Employee Who Criticized Chappelle’s Special Has ResignedShe and a fired colleague have reportedly withdrawn an unfair labor practice charge against the streamer.
  2. solidarity forever
    IATSE and AMPTP Reach a Deal, Which Members May Still RejectA tentative agreement has been reached for the Area Standards Agreement, but the dust has yet to settle.
  3. protests
    Everything We Know About the Netflix Employee Walkout“This isn’t cancel culture but an avoidance of accountability,” an organizer said at the event.
  4. faq
    Everything We Know (and Don’t) About the 2021 IATSE StrikeEmployees could still reject the tentative deal with AMPTP.
  5. solidarity
    60,000 IATSE Workers Will Strike on Monday if Deal Isn’t Reached“IATSE film and tv workers deserve to have their basic needs addressed NOW.”
  6. close reads
    P-Valley Shows Stripping For What It Is: LaborAmid the glitz and glamor of The Pynk, we’re reminded again and again that strippers are workers, and they have worker concerns.
  7. theater
    Livestreaming and Labor: A Clash of Good Intentions at Red Bull TheaterA dispute with Actors’ Equity shuts down a virtual production.
  8. coronavirus
    The New York Philharmonic, Closed Till September, Is Winding Down Musicians’ PaySalaries will be cut back gradually through May 31, and the summer is under negotiation.
  9. opera
    The Metropolitan Opera Is Furloughing Its Orchestra, Chorus, and TradesThey’ll retain health and instrument insurance, but not their salaries.