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  1. movie playlist
    Kevin Smith Gives Us a Movie Playlist (and Some Tears)You try mentioning Cinema Paradiso without getting emotional.
  2. ’ello!
    Dance, Magic, Dance Because Labyrinth Is Getting a SequelDoctor Strange’s Scott Derrickson is attached to direct.
  3. the industry
    Screenwriter Denies Reports of Labyrinth Remake, Calls Timing ‘Awful’“No one is remaking Labyrinth. That movie is perfect as it is.”
  4. goblin kings
    Sony Is Developing a Labyrinth RemakeThe 1986 film starred David Bowie.
  5. roll clip!
    Labyrinth Honest Trailer Loves Bowie, Hates FilmMakes sense.
  6. labyrinth
    Watch Jim Henson Introduce Princess Diana to Ludo at the 1986 Royal Premiere of Labyrinth in LondonYeah, we prefer Sesame Street, too.
  7. nostalgia fact-check
    The Nostalgia Fact-Check: How Does Labyrinth Hold Up?Perverse puppets and all.
  8. clickables
    Watch a Sock Puppet Reenactment of Labyrinth, Starring Amanda PalmerWith a special appearance from David Bowie’s Mullet.
  9. the industry
    Ewan McGregor Is in ‘Love’ With Jim CarreyPlus: You’ll never guess who Nicole Holofcener cast in her next movie! Oh, all right, it’s Catherine Keener.