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  1. language
    Why Do Corporations Speak the Way They Do?The pernicious spread of garbage language.
  2. stand-up
    The Language of Stand-up ComedyTen comedians from around the world reflect on the challenges of translating their act to English.
  3. close reads
    The Hidden Meaning Behind My Brilliant Friend’s Neapolitan DialectIf Neapolitan is the language of Lenù and Lila’s imprisoning neighborhood, then Italian is the language of social mobility.
  4. feels
    Zadie Smith Has ‘Many Feels’ About Crazy Ex“I’m not trying to be cute when I say that I could have written 5,000 words on it.”
  5. language
    Analyzing the French in Mad Men’s ‘New Business’They nailed it on Sunday night’s episode.
  6. language
    The Rules of Speaking Russian on The AmericansThey’re the anti-Twitter scenes.
  7. language
    How Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling Used to Talk“I was like, ‘What you wanna do, thug? And he was like, ‘I don’t know, cuz.’”
  8. Should ‘Retarded’ be Retired from the Comedic Lexicon?I learned about Spread the Word to End the Word on Ellen Seidman’s blog, Love That Max. Seidman’s son, Max, has cerebral palsy, and Seidman […]
  9. Mel Gibson Will Force Leonardo DiCaprio to Learn Old NorseThat’s a language, of course.