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  1. curb curb curb curb
    We Can Most Likely Expect Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm to Air in 2017Production begins this fall!
  2. timelines
    Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Season 9 TimelineCurb’s return to the small screen has been five long years in the making.
  3. How ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Perfected the Comedy Structure That’s Taken […] Last week, HBO and comedian Larry David announced the return of the comedian’s much loved, semi-scripted comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm. […]
  4. HBO Confirms Season 9 of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Is on the WaySeason 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm is a go. In a press release, HBO confirmed today that a new season of the comedy starring Larry David is […]
  5. roll clip!
    Larry David Is ‘Thinking About Coming Back’ to Curb Your EnthusiasmLet’s stop and chat, or chat and cut, about this news.
  6. awkward interviews
    Jiminy Glick Interviews a Giggly Larry David “I’m not a germaphobe. You’re a disgusting individual.”
  7. maya and marty
    Hanks and Cyrus to Guest on Maya & MartyTom Hanks, Jimmy Fallon, Miley Cyrus, and Larry David will all guest star on the variety show.
  8. Jimmy Fallon, Larry David, and More Will Appear on Next Week’s ‘Maya & […]Maya Rudolph and Martin Short’s NBC variety show Maya & Marty (formerly titled Maya and Marty in Manhattan) premieres next week, and the first […]
  9. roll clip!
    Watch Larry David, Kate McKinnon Waltz on SNLNice twirling, too.
  10. saturday night live
    SNL’s Hillary and Bernie Debate in NYCYou can’t yada yada breaking up banks!
  11. saturday night live
    Larry David Returns As Bernie SandersDavid also stayed on to introduce Ariana Grande and totally flub her name.
  12. outtakes
    Did You Ever Wonder If Larry David Giggled? Roll the SNL Outtake! “Can a bitch get a doughnut?”
  13. Larry David’s ‘SNL’ Sketch as ‘Kevin Roberts’ Gave Him a Serious Case of […]One of the best sketches from Larry David’s SNL episode was easily “FBI Simulator,” which aired right after David’s monologue and featured him […]
  14. Larry David Was Better Than Just Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good on ‘SNL’ For a guy who only served as a writer on Saturday Night Live for one year in the ‘80s (and famously showed up for work a few days after […]
  15. saturday night live
    Watch SNL’s Larry David–Bernie Sanders SketchesAlso, see Bernie Sanders’s cameo. 
  16. Bernie Sanders Will Reportedly Appear on Tomorrow’s Episode of ‘SNL’With the news that Larry David is hosting SNL this weekend, it seemed all but inevitable that presidential candidate Bernie Sanders might show […]
  17. snl promos
    Watch Larry David’s SNL Promos“I’m just not feeling you.”
  18. Leslie Jones and Larry David Make the Perfect Couple in These ‘SNL’ PromosLarry David returns to SNL this weekend to host with musical guest The 1975, and NBC just released the first round of promos featuring David […]
  19. sketch exploder
    How SNL Got Larry David to Play Bernie Sanders“He could have been lazy about it and it would have worked incredibly well, but he was all over it.”
  20. last night on late night
    What It’s Like to Have Larry David at Your Party“He came so early, he could have put the finishing touches on the hors d’oeuvres.”
  21. Larry David to Host ‘SNL’ on February 6thLarry David is headed to SNL. Over the weekend, NBC revealed that David will make the first SNL host of February 2016 – he’s currently set to […]
  22. saturday night live
    Larry David to Host Saturday Night LivePretty pretty good.
  23. missed connections
    Jennifer Lawrence Almost Asked Out Seth Meyers“Cheers to my humiliation!”
  24. saturday night live
    Larry David Nabs $5000 for Heckling Donald TrumpDeport Racism may donate the money to Bernie Sanders.
  25. saturday night live
    Maybe SNL Was Actually an Episode of CurbIt’s the only thing that explains the total despair on Larry David’s face.
  26. saturday night live
    Larry David Played Bernie Sanders on SNL AgainLive from New York, it’s socialist observational comedy!
  27. Tracy Morgan Came Home to ‘SNL’This weekend marked former Saturday Night Live cast member Tracy Morgan’s triumphant return to Studio 8H after recovering from the horrific car […]
  28. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Tracy Morgan Is Homecoming KingAnd Larry David does the best Bernie Sanders.
  29. Jeff Garlin Says There’s a 51% Chance of More ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’The latest update on Curb Your Enthusiasm comes from yesterday’s The Goldbergs panel at TCA, where Jeff Garlin revealed that the odds are now […]
  30. curb your enthusiasm
    Jeff Garlin: Curb Has ‘Decent Chance’ of ReturnFingers crossed.
  31. Larry David Outs Jimmy Fallon for Never Seeing His Broadway PlayLarry David stopped by last night’s Tonight Show to talk about his Broadway debut in Fish in the Dark, and he was joined by his old Seinfeld […]
  32. last night on late night
    David & Alexander Appeared on Fallon TogetherTo promote Fish in the Dark.
  33. 90s nostalgia
    Jason Alexander Reveals Why Seinfeld Killed Off Susan [Updated]“It’s impossible.”
  34. ‘Fish in the Dark’ is ‘Seinfeld’ on Stage and Vintage Larry DavidThere’s a moment in Fish in the Dark where Larry responds to a question about how grabbing a breast was and he answers with, “Pretty good. […]
  35. theater
    Theater Review: Fish in the Dark Is a New Domain for Larry DavidMustering enthusiasm.
  36. Charlie Rose Tries, and Fails, to Figure Out Larry DavidCharlie Rose sat down with Larry David over the weekend to talk about his Broadway debut in Fish in the Dark, and he attempted to understand […]
  37. Sitting Shiva With Larry DavidEveryone’s favorite curmudgeon is bringing his particular brand of disagreeability to Broadway. In a play about the ultimate nothing.
  38. Larry David Asks David Letterman Not to See His Broadway PlayLarry David makes his Broadway debut in March, and during last night’s Late Show he politely requested that Letterman not attend the show: […]
  39. last night on late night
    Future Broadway Star Larry David Hates the Theater, Likes Hotel SexHe really doesn’t want to do that Broadway show of his.
  40. Larry David on His Broadway Debut: ‘Not a Day Goes By That I Don’t Regret […]Ahead of his Broadway debut in March, Larry David recently sat down for an honest chat with Vanity Fair about Fish in the Dark, which […]
  41. Larry David and Bill Simmons Talk ‘Seinfeld,’ ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ and […]“I think the thing about finales is everybody writes their own finale in their head, whereas if they just tune in during the week to a normal […]
  42. crushes
    Larry David and Jennifer Lawrence Probably Won’t Become an ItemDavid responded to her “below the belt” feelings for him.
  43. Larry David Hasn’t ‘Given Up Hope’ of More Curb Your EnthusiasmPretty, pretty good news.
  44. Larry David Tells Jimmy Fallon About His Broadway PlayLarry David’s Broadway debut Fish in the Dark is set for March, and on last night’s Tonight Show he and Fallon talked about what we can expect […]
  45. Larry David’s Broadway Play Set to Open on March 5thLarry David’s Broadway play just got a cast and premiere date. Entertainment Weekly reports that Fish in the Dark is now officially set to […]
  46. Larry David Talks with ‘The New York Times’ About His Upcoming Broadway […]“I haven’t been in a play since the eighth grade, when I did Charley’s Aunt. I seem to remember wearing a dress. That’s it. And I’m not even […]
  47. broadway debuts
    Larry David to Play Himself on BroadwayIn a play he wrote.
  48. Larry David to Star in His Own Broadway Play ‘Fish in the Dark’Back in January, reports began circulating that Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld were working on a Broadway play together, and today Showbiz411 […]
  49. Sketch Anatomy: Andy Cowan Explains the Origins of ‘Seinfeld’s ‘The […]Welcome to our column Sketch Anatomy, where we ask some of our favorite television writers to choose any sketch — one they personally wrote or […]
  50. HBO Is Waiting Patiently for Larry David to Bring Back ‘Curb Your […]Curb Your Enthusiasm might come back to HBO, but not until at least next year. According to a Vulture, HBO programming president Michael […]
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