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Larry Gagosian

  1. Is Richard Prince the Andy Warhol of Instagram?He always wanted to be the coolest artist in the world. But how much cred can one man appropriate?
  2. books
    Larry Gagosian Will Publish James Frey’s Book About JesusJesus turns out to be a bisexual alcoholic.
  3. ask an art critic
    Jerry Saltz on Schmoozing, Shyness, and the New MuseumTo me, nothing in the art world is neutral, and the idea of “disinterest” strikes me as boring, dishonest, dubious, and uninteresting.
  4. ask an art critic
    Jerry Saltz on Bad Galleries, Dirty Looks, and Good AlternativesAh yes, the old bad-artist-at-a-good-gallery, good-artist-at-a-bad-gallery problem.
  5. basel blog
    Aftermath: The Big Sales and Breakout Stars of Art Basel Miami Beach’We did better than we expected — and worse than we had hoped.’
  6. non-comeuppances
    Crappy Art Market Fails to Take Revenge on Richard FuldEqually infuriating: Lars Ulrich got $13.5 million for his Basquiat!
  7. chat room
    Will Natalie Portman Star in Danielle Ganek’s ‘Lulu’?
  8. news reel
    Americans Get Outbid at Sotheby’s and Christie’s