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Larry Kramer

  1. remembrances
    Larry Kramer’s InheritanceAn intergenerational conversation about what he meant and means.
  2. obituary
    On Larry Kramer, The Normal Heart, and Playwriting As Screed“I had internalized that meat-ax political drama was a synonym for ‘clumsy.’ But it dismantled all my craft preconceptions.”
  3. deaths
    Larry Kramer, AIDS Activist, Author, and Playwright, Is Dead at 84Kramer was a crucial AIDS activist and dramatized the movement in The Normal Heart.
  4. takedowns
    Larry Kramer Shames Roth for Supporting Trump“You are a very smart man. I cannot believe that you can possibly think Trump can run this country.”
  5. tv
    Writer Sarah Schulman on The Normal Heart“This was a play that told the truth about how straight people behaved during the AIDS crisis, which was abominably.”
  6. the back story
    Who Was John Duka? Looking for the Heart of The Normal HeartThe real-life analogue to the Times reporter in the film.
  7. theater review
    Theater Review: The Biblical Anger of The Normal Heart Brilliantly EnduresIf it’s been too long since you’ve been ravished by fulminating righteousness, then perhaps it’s time to get reacquainted with Larry Kramer’s foundational play about AIDS.