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  1. the house that jack built
    Why the MPAA Got So Pissed Off Over Lars von Trier’s The House That Jack BuiltIFC could face the administration’s toughest punishment for violating one of its most important rules.
  2. movies
    IFC Films Faces Sanctions Over Lars von Trier MovieYou can’t just *screen* a Lars von Trier unrated director’s cut. You just can’t.
  3. movies
    So, Just How Violent Is Lars von Trier’s The House That Jack Built?Well, if you really want to know … we hope you ate a light lunch.
  4. movie review
    Lars von Trier’s The House That Jack Built Is a Narcissistic, Ugly SlogVon Trier returns with a violent, banal, navel-gazing session.
  5. trailer mix
    The House That Jack Built Trailer: Lars von Trier Is Back, and BloodyWord is out that the film would be hypergruesome, but who’d expect von Trier to do anything by half-measures?
  6. sexual harassment
    Björk Details Sexual Harassment by Director Following Lars Von Trier’s Denial“If being difficult is standing up to being treated like that, I’ll own it.”
  7. the house that jack built
    Lars von Trier Wants to Premiere His Next Feature at Cannes 6 Years After BanHe’s making a new movie inspired by Donald Trump.
  8. fighting words
    Cannes: Nicolas Winding Refn Lays the Smackdown on Lars Von TrierIt’s a veritable Danish-director insult fest.
  9. downsides of sobriety
    Lars von Trier Is Worried He Can’t Make Films While SoberThe controversial director has been attending AA.
  10. berlin international film festival
    Berlin: What Got Cut From the Nymphomaniac: Volume I Director’s Cut?A lot of explicit sex, for starters.
  11. casting couch
    Dafoe and Udo Kier Will Sexy Up NymphomaniacGet ready for more graphic sex scenes starring Willem Dafoe.
  12. sex
    Lars Von Trier to Use ‘Visual Effects’ for Nymphomaniac Sex ScenesBrace yourself, Shia.
  13. casting couch
    Jamie Bell Joins Lars Von Trier’s NymphomaniacThe movie starts filming this week.
  14. the paperboy
    Nicole Kidman: Paperboy Pee Scene Wasn’t ‘Weird’“I just went for it.”
  15. LaBeouf Will Have Sex Onscreen for Nymphomaniac “Everything is happening.”
  16. casting couch
    Shia LaBeouf Eyeing Lars Von Trier’s The NymphomaniacThe one about the erotic life of “a woman from the age of zero to the age of 50.”
  17. casting
    Nicole Kidman Sparks to Lars Von Trier’s NymphomaniacShe’ll take a small role.
  18. two-parters
    Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac Will Be Released in Two PartsStarring Charlotte Gainsbourg.
  19. How Lars Von Trier Broaches Nudity With His Actors“You will show your dick at the end, and it will be very floppy.”
  20. Lars Von Trier Won’t Be Prosecuted for Nazi CommentsFrench authorities had charged him with “justifying war crimes.”
  21. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Lars Von Trier Ran Around Kirsten Dunst Half-NakedPlus: Larry King assumed the form of Craig Ferguson’s sidekick, Geoff the Robot, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  22. chat room
    Charlotte Gainsbourg on Melancholia and the Emotional Toll of Working With Lars Von Trier“I spent a whole shoot being scared all the time.”
  23. candor
    Lars Von Trier Promises an End to Public SpeakingAfter the cops came after him for his Hitler comments.
  24. controversy
    Kirsten Dunst Explains Her Reaction to Lars Von Trier’s Hitler Comments“I was choking.”
  25. exclusive
    Vulture Premieres the U.S. Poster for Melancholia and Three New StillsDunst! Skarsgard! Kiefer!
  26. lars von trier
    Lars Von Trier Doesn’t Want Dogville Linked to the Norway MassacreUnderstandably.
  27. vulture lists
    Nine Films to See From This Year’s Cannes Film FestivalSome were unanimously lauded and some were divisive, but all had the most passionate fans.
  28. clickables
    Here’s a Collection of ‘Kirsten Dunst Reacting to Lars Von Trier’ GIFsThey are spectacular.
  29. cannes 2011
    The 10 Most Controversial Things Lars Von Trier Said at the Melancholia Press Conference“‘Don’t do this thing that mainly middle-aged or older directors do, that the women get younger and younger and more and more naked.’ And I said, ‘Don’t say that to me.’”
  30. the industry
    Which of His Movies Will Martin Scorsese Remake for Lars Von Trier?They’re doing a new take on ‘The Five Obstructions’ together!
  31. extracurricular pursuits
    Lars von Trier Becomes World’s Most Ominous eBay Seller“Looking forward to get rid of the smell of Diesel. Hope a potential buyer likes this smell, as Diesel has been poured over the floor several times.”
  32. acting
    While Raping Nicole Kidman Onscreen, One Actor Thought of Notting HillStellan Skarsgard found unlikely inspiration under the tutelage of Lars von Trier.
  33. film school
    Let’s Listen to Lars von Trier’s New DVD Commentary on the Grossest Parts of AntichristWhat does a director say while watching his own genital mutilation scene?
  34. von trier
    Poor Kirsten Dunst to Star in Von Trier MovieGood luck, Kirsten!
  35. chaos reigns
    Criterion Collection Does AntichristWhat could the Criterion Collection possibly be trying to tell us with this image?
  36. movies
    The Onion Asks: What If Lars von Trier Directed Denmark’s Tourism Ads?Let’s all get on a plane!
  37. Got ‘Obstructions’ for the Taxi Driver Remake?Obviously this project will never happen. But if it did …
  38. close calls
    Penélope Cruz Eyeing Pirates of the Caribbean 4“Penélope Cruz has been both to speak and to debate, but as it seems right now, we will not have agendas to go up.” Phew!
  39. lars von trier
    Poor Penélope Cruz to Work With Lars von TrierWhat did she ever do to anybody?
  40. news reel
    Willem Dafoe Getting a Little Sick Of Your Antichrist Penis Jokes“If people want to make that the thing they want to talk about, it’s distressing, but that’s their business.”
  41. vulture lists
    10 Most Brutalized Wangs in Movie History’There’s Something About Mary’! ‘The Last House on the Left’! ‘Santa Sangre’!
  42. antichrist
    A Squeamish Person’s Guide to Seeing Antichrist in the TheaterWhen should you hit the bathroom to avoid all the genital-mutilation stuff? See our illustrated guide!
  43. chat room
    Antichrist Director Lars von Trier Reviews His Reviews“What this person is saying makes perfect sense to me. But I don’t think showing contempt in a film is a bad thing.”
  44. chaos reigns
    New Antichrist Catchphrase Will Drink Your MilkshakeFinally, a catchphrase we can get behind!
  45. antichrist
    That’ll Do, Antichrist Trailer, That’ll DoWe’ve seen enough.
  46. leak of the week
    Nuts! Antichrist Screener LeaksHeads (and genitals) will roll!
  47. antichrist
    British Antichrist Poster Is Ballsy, Ironically Enough“Contains strong real sex, bloody violence, and self-mutilation!”
  48. nyff
    New York Film Festival Lineup Revealed: White Ribbon, Wizard of Oz, Willem Dafoe’s GenitalsSee the full lineup!
  49. wangs
    Willem Dafoe Didn’t Put His Own Genitals on the Line in AntichristStunt wangs were employed.
  50. quote machine
    Matthew Weiner’s Inspiration for Mad Men’s Glenn: Matthew WeinerPlus: Trent Reznor terrified of fronting Kiss.
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