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Last Call With Carson Daly

  1. encounter
    Carson Daly Is TV’s Ultimate Survivor“I’ve heard this my whole life. ‘What tangible talent does he have?’ The answer is none.”
  2. Carson Daly is Leaving ‘Last Call’ for ‘Today’Yesterday’s speculation about the future of Last Call with Carson Daly has been settled, as Daly announced this morning that he’ll be joining […]
  3. NBC Considers Canceling or Revamping ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’With NBC set to install Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers as the new hosts of The Tonight Show and Late Night, respectively, in February, the […]
  4. Check Out ‘The Exquisite Corpse Project’ on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ Last week, Exquisite Corpse Project director Ben Popik sat down for Last Call with Carson Daly to talk about the process of making the movie […]
  5. late night wars
    NBC Renews Last Call, Nixes Alec Baldwin IdeaIt’ll be Last Call’s thirteenth season.
  6. The Vulture Transcript: Carson Daly on Strip Clubs, Seacrest, and Soul-Searching“I love music, but I’m like, ‘Why am I fighting for Kings of Leon when they come to L.A.?’ They’re going to do Jimmy Kimmel, they’re not going to do me.”
  7. Megan Amram Gets Profiled on Last Call “Internet person” and Twitter heroine Megan Amram got the profile treatment last night on Last Call with Carson Daly. It’s a fun piece in […]
  8. Dan Harmon on the Natural Rhythm of the Universe In addition to discussing Channel 101 and work with the “knuckleheads” over at Greendale Community College, Dan Harmon’s Last Night With […]
  9. Bill Hader Tells the Story of How He Got on SNL Last night on Last Call with Carson Daly (what, you missed it?), Bill Hader told the story of how he found himself as a castmember on Saturday […]
  10. the industry
    Carson Daly’s Television Show Will Outlive Us AllIt just got an eleventh year!
  11. Conan Was Not a Fan of Guitar-Playing Talk Show Hosts in 2002Here’s an interesting quote from Conan from 2002 during an appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly on the idea of a late night host playing […]
  12. carson daly
    NBC Keeping Carson Daly AroundHe’s ten seasons deep now.
  13. late shifting
    Carson Daly Gets a New Producer, Lease on Life’Last Call’ hired away Stewart Bailey, from ‘The Daily Show.’
  14. nbc
    NBC Renews Last Call, Commitment to Desk-Based EntertainmentHe’s only a tenth of a point behind Kimmel!
  15. decisions decisions decisions
    Will NBC Continue to String Carson Daly Along?It depends on how willing he is to work on the cheap.
  16. strike zone
    Carson Daly Returns!In a move that certainly hasn’t won him many friends, Carson Daly returned to air last night, his Last Call the first late-night talk show to come back after writers’ strike began on November 5.
  17. strike zone
    Give Carson Daly a Break!Yesterday, it was announced that strapping television personality Carson Daly will defy the ongoing writers’ strike and resume production this week on his late-night talk show Last Call, currently one of NBC’s highest-rated programs among viewers who frequently forget to turn off the TV before going to bed.