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Last Night's Gig

  1. The Weeknd Takes Yet Another Victory Lap at Barclays CenterHe played a 90-minute set, heavy on material from Starboy.
  2. last night's gig
    Mariah Carey Wanted to Bring Her Babies Onstage Last Night, But They’re ShySo she just sang instead.
  3. Frank Ocean Brings Guitar Hero, Neverending Story to New YorkNo hats, though.
  4. Superhero Rap: Jay-Z and Kanye West Live at MSGKicking over buildings, snapping necks.
  5. last night's gig
    Wet Hot American Summer Celebrated Its Tenth Anniversary With Janeane Garofalo, Caped Boy, and a Self-Fellating Can of BeansHighlights from last night’s anniversary party.
  6. last night's gig
    Kanye West and Jay-Z Threw a Party at the Planetarium Last NightVulture checked out a ‘Watch the Throne’ listening session.
  7. last night's gig
    Lauryn Hill Performs Less Than a Week After Giving BirthShe might be batty, but Ms. Hill’s a trooper.
  8. last night's gig
    F-cked Up Sweat Off Their Shorts at a Secret Brooklyn ShowThe Toronto hardcore champions beat the heat.
  9. last night's gig
    Archers of Loaf’s Eric Bachmann Talks About That Time Madonna Made Fun of His Shoes“I said, ‘Do you want to say something about my shoes?’”
  10. last night's gig
    Chris Brown’s Angry Lap Dancing, Rick Ross’s Décolletage, and More From Summer Jam 2011Sombreros! Runaway fans! Aisle dancing!
  11. last night's gig
    My Morning Jacket and Erykah Badu Continue Mutually Beneficial RelationshipSee Badu-MMJ videos from last night’s YouTube concert.
  12. last night's gig
    Titus Andronicus and Officer Craig Finn Do Right by the ReplacementsSee Titus Andronicus raging through “Kids Don’t Follow.”
  13. last night's gig
    Kanye West Brings Auto-Tune Rants and His BFF Jay-Z to MoMA“I just can’t sit down and listen to this bullsh-t over and over … “
  14. last night's gig
    Backstage With Lil Wayne at the Bamboozle FestivalHanging around with Wayne in New Jersey.
  15. last night's gig
    With Balloons and Spaceships at Madison Square Garden, LCD Soundsystem Sign OffAlso: Arcade Fire! Aziz Ansari! Sadness!
  16. last night's gig
    A Night Out With Dipset’s Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, and Jim JonesVulture tags along as Dipset takes Manhattan.
  17. last night's gig
    Lil Wayne Makes a Triumphant Return to New York City the Greater New York Area“When you see the warden, tell ‘em to kiss my ass.”
  18. radio vulture
    Celebrating Prince With Prince at Madison Square GardenA quick breakdown of Prince’s two-hour, fifteen-minute show at Madison Square Garden last night.
  19. last night's gig
    Big Boi Wins the Hearts and Minds of College Kids With Stage Banter About Drugs“I need pretty girls to the stage.”
  20. last night's gig
    Weezer Is Excellent at Pretending Like It’s 1994Dance parties! Glasses! Photo slideshows!
  21. last night's gig
    Paul McCartney Wraps Up His New York City Trip at the Apollo Theater“I know it’s special to you New Yorkers. To us British boys, it’s really special.”
  22. last night's gig
    Jens Lekman Makes Up With New YorkThe Swedish singer-songwriter played Brooklyn this weekend.
  23. last night's gig
    Jeff Mangum Emerges From Hiding for a Night“I don’t really know any jokes.”
  24. last night's gig
    Kanye West Attacks Taylor Swift, Defends George Bush in Brilliant Debut Performance of New AlbumLast night at Bowery Ballroom, the rapper capped a superb show with another classic rant.
  25. last night's gig
    The Five Best Stories Jay-Z Told Last Night at the New York Public Library“It was the groundbreaking ceremony for the Nets, he was sitting in front of me with this Batman suit on. I was thinking, ‘That’s quite odd.’”
  26. last night's gig
    Wiz Khalifa Is Going to Be Very Famous Very SoonIf the insanely young demographic that was on hand Saturday night is any indication, Wiz has already paved his road to the mainstream.
  27. last night's gig
    Katy Perry Blew Confetti Into Vulture’s Beer Last NightJust one element of a steely, ruthlessly executed bubble-gum pop act.
  28. last night's gig
    Odd Future Step Briefly Off the InternetThe Internet-famous rap collective played New York last night.
  29. last night's gig
    Daft Punk Showed Up at Last Night’s Phoenix Show!And they rocked it.
  30. last night's gig
    Five Things We Learned at Last Night’s Awesome Roots ShowThe band assembled a stellar lineup of guest stars for a nineties hip-hop revue.
  31. last night's gig
    Big Sean Tells Vulture About Kanye’s Recording Process“Usually there’s a lot going on in the studio — you know, drinks, or you’ll fuck around and see Kobe Bryant.”
  32. last night's gig
    Gorillaz Started a Mini-Stampede at the Ed Sullivan Theater Last NightDe La Soul saw the whole thing go down.
  33. last night's gig
    Did Jay-Z and Eminem’s Second Night at Yankee Stadium Top Their First?No.
  34. last night's gig
    Jay-Z, Eminem and Friends at Yankee StadiumKanye West! Dr. Dre! Kevin Durant!
  35. last night's gig
    The Strokes Play the Met!“What is up? It’s been my dream since I was a little boy to play the Metropolitan Opera.”
  36. last night's gig
    Courtney Love Covers Lady Gaga, Curses at Fans at Don Hill’s‘“Shut the fuck up, or I’m walking the fuck off. I mean it.’
  37. last night's gig
    Guess What Kanye Was Doing Last Night at 3 A.M.Making a surprise appearance at the Boom Boom Room!
  38. last night's gig
    Wait, Maybe Lauryn Hill’s Comeback Isn’t Going So WellHer latest Rock the Bells performances have underwhelmed.
  39. right-click
    Brandon Flowers Goes Gary CheroneSee “When You Were Young,” acoustic.
  40. party chat
    T.I. No Fan of Jail“Two thumbs down. Two big toes, down!”
  41. last night's gig
    Arcade Fire at MSG: Who Needs LeBron?We are all witnesses.
  42. last night's gig
    Kid Cudi Nearly Explains Himself“I know you guys were hearing some shit about me in the news, but I’m good now … I just smoke weed.”
  43. last night's gig
    Iron Maiden Fans Hate Canada More Than They Hate LeBron JamesJust ask Bruce Dickinson.
  44. last night's gig
    Eminem Played Bowery Ballroom Last NightBut it’s not as exciting as that makes it sound.
  45. last night's gig
    LCD Soundsystem’s Secret Sauce: Champagne and Whiskey“The Champagne gets you drunk fast, and it’s like a guide for how the whiskey will make you feel in twenty minutes.”
  46. last night's gig
    Animal Collective at the GuggenheimIt was all very ‘Donnie Darko.’
  47. last night's gig
    Lil Wayne Came Out at the Jay-Z Show Last Night!But they didn’t do a song together.
  48. last night's gig
    Yoko Ono With Superstar FriendsPaul Simon! Thurston Moore! Kim Gordon! Eric Clapton! Scissor Sisters, Justin Bond, and Mark Ronson!
  49. last night's gig
    The Magnetic Fields Greet Valentine’s DayThere was once a time when the Magnetic Fields could be mistaken for a rock band at their live shows. That was a while ago.
  50. last night's gig
    Guns N’ Roses Played Another Secret New York Show, We ThinkDid we just see what we think we saw?
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