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  1. John Oliver Highlights the Depressing Reality of Farming Chickens On last night’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took aim at the situation that modern chicken farms find themselves in which – surprise! – is […]
  2. ‘Last Week Tonight’ Explains Why Working Mothers Have It the WorstTo celebrate Mother’s Day, last night’s Last Week Tonight took a closer look at the many American companies and lawmakers who claim to love and […]
  3. ‘Last Week Tonight’ Breaks Down the Fashion Industry’s Dark SecretsLast night’s Last Week Tonight took a look at some of the most popular cheap clothing companies in the US, examining how companies like H&M, […]
  4. Martin Sheen and ‘Last Week Tonight’ Make the Perfect Doomsday VideoEarlier this year, CNN’s top secret doomsday video leaked online, but Last Week Tonight decided it was a little too depressing and in need of a […]
  5. John Oliver and Michael Bolton Stick Up for the IRS Through the Power of […]In anticipation of Tax Day this Wednesday, last night’s Last Week Tonight took a closer look at the the one government agency everyone loves to […]
  6. Edward Snowden Teaches John Oliver About Password Security on ‘Last Week […]If you haven’t watched John Oliver’s in-depth dick pic-themed chat with Edward Snowden, do yourself a favor and go watch it immediately. If […]
  7. John Oliver Travels to Russia to Talk Dick Pics with Edward SnowdenJohn Oliver took a closer look at the Patriot Act and government surveillance during last night’s Last Week Tonight, but to better understand […]
  8. Take ‘Last Week Tonight’s April Fools’ Day No-Prank PledgeLast Week Tonight was off last week, but John Oliver and crew uploaded a web exclusive last night to bring attention to a very important issue: […]
  9. Inside the Secret Technology that Makes ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘Last Week […]When you’re watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, or Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, you often see […]
  10. ‘Last Week Tonight’ Explores the ‘Hamster Wheel of Hell’ of Municipal […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Last Week Tonight, in which John Oliver breaks down the many problems surrounding municipal violation fines and […]
  11. ‘Last Week Tonight’ Wonders Why Daylight Saving Time Is Still a ThingFeeling extra tired this morning? Here’s a clip from last night’s Last Week Tonight about the pointlessness of Daylight Saving Time, which has […]
  12. ‘Last Week Tonight’ Makes America’s Crumbling Infrastructure Sexy AgainLast night’s Last Week Tonight took a closer look at the crumbling infrastructure in the United States, from the thousands of uninspected dams […]
  13. The Satire We Need Right Now Is All The Satire That’s On Right NowLast fall, I was watching a new episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver with a few friends, the one featuring an exposé on civil […]
  14. ‘Last Week Tonight’ Takes on the Pharmaceutical Marketing IndustryLast Week Tonight finally returned for its second season on HBO last night, and John Oliver got right to work by covering the many shady ways […]
  15. John Oliver on ‘Last Week Tonight’s Extended Segments: ‘There Has to Be […]Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returns to HBO for its second, 35-episode season this Sunday, and ahead of its debut THR spoke with Oliver […]
  16. John Oliver Auditions for the ‘50 Shades of Grey’ SequelAhead of the season 2 Last Week Tonight premiere on February 8th, here’s a brand new web exclusive featuring John Oliver giving a […]
  17. ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ Returns February 8thThe wait for more John Oliver is almost over, and HBO released a brand new Last Week Tonight promo today in which Oliver promises an all-new […]
  18. ‘Last Week Tonight’ Calls for an End to Turkey PardoningHBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is on hiatus until February, but that didn’t stop Oliver and crew from uploading the above […]
  19. John Oliver on Confusing ‘Last Week Tonight’ with Journalism: ‘The Correct […]“We are making jokes about the news and sometimes we need to research things deeply to understand them, but it’s always in service of a joke. […]
  20. Jon Stewart, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Fallon, and More Get a Salmon to the Face on […]Here’s a clip from last night’s season 1 Last Week Tonight finale, in which John Oliver and crew make their very own “salmon cannon” – only […]
  21. ‘Last Week Tonight’ Made a Realistic Home Depot Commercial Starring Nick […]Lowe’s recently announced that they’ll be testing out robot sales assistants in their stores this holiday season, so to help Home Depot deal […]
  22. John Oliver Proposes a New Way to Measure Sugar in Food on ‘Last Week […]In honor of Halloween, last night on Last Week Tonight John Oliver devoted over 10 minutes to exploring the deceiving world of the sugar […]
  23. ‘Last Week Tonight’ Created an All-Animal Supreme Court Reenactment Tool […]During last night’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver and crew created a solution for the longstanding rule against cameras in the Supreme Court […]
  24. John Oliver Hosts a Beauty Pageant with Kathy Griffin on ‘Last Week […]Here’s a clip from last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, in which John Oliver breaks down the Miss America Pageant – or as they prefer to […]
  25. John Oliver Begs Scotland to Stay in the UK on ‘Last Week Tonight’This Thursday Scotland will be voting on a referendum to secede from the UK, and on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver broke down both sides of the […]
  26. Listen to John Oliver and Howard Stern Have a Chat Here’s Howard Stern’s interview with John Oliver from earlier today in its entirety, in which the duo discuss Oliver’s difficult early days in […]
  27. Stephen Hawking Will Be a Guest on Sunday’s ‘Last Week Tonight with John […]Physicist Stephen Hawking is set to be the guest on this Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Hawking will be interviewed by […]
  28. HBO Is Being Good About Putting ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ […]It’s only been six weeks since the premiere of John Oliver’s satirical HBO late night show Last Week Tonight, but so far, HBO has been acting […]
  29. John Oliver Reacts to Accusations of Crashing the FCC Website On his new show Last Week Tonight this week, John Oliver encouraged fans to head to the FCC website to complain about cable companies […]
  30. John Oliver’s Net Neutrality Segment Crashed the FCC’s Comments SystemOn Sunday’s episode of his new show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver called for creepy internet commenters to complain directly to the FCC about […]
  31. John Oliver Nails GM with Fake Ad Here’s a clip from the latest episode of John Oliver’s new HBO late night series Last Week Tonight, in which Oliver discusses a super absurd […]