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  1. roll clip!
    James Corden Shames Bill Maher for His ‘Insulting’ Fat-Shaming Remarks“We’re not all as lucky as Bill Maher. We don’t all have a sense of superiority that burns 35,000 calories a day.”
  2. o canada!
    Excuse Me, Drake, Why Haven’t You Called Bianca Andreescu Yet?The U.S. Open winner is waiting on some congrats.
  3. the late night wars
    Chrissy Teigen Turned Down Her Own NBC Late-Night ShowAt the very hot 1:30 a.m. hour.
  4. remotes
    Conan to Visit Greenland Ahead of Trump’s Extremely Real Attempt to Buy ItNever, ever purchase an entire country sight unseen.
  5. late-night wars
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gives Colbert Show Massive Ratings BumpBreak out that Ben & Jerry’s.
  6. last night on late night
    Nicki Minaj Gives Stephen Colbert His Very Own ‘Barbie Dreams’ Bar on Late ShowCame out looking better than DJ Khaled, that’s for sure.
  7. the simpsons
    The Simpsons’ Matt Groening to Stop By Late-Night for the First Time Since 2007Like a comet, if comets really wanted to talk about their new show, Netflix’s Disenchantment.
  8. twitter feuds
    Trump Targets Jimmy Fallon in New Twitter Rant: ‘He Seriously Messed Up My Hair’Looks like Trump read that THR interview.
  9. James Corden Picks His Favorite Late Late Show MomentIt’s from the fan-driven Avengers episode.
  10. in conversation
    Conan O’Brien on the Future of Conan, the Tonight Show Mess, and Boring Guests“I’m the last man with a pompadour. Don’t I get comedy points for that?”
  11. late night wars
    Late-Night Ratings: Colbert’s Lead Over Fallon Is Bigger Than EverThe Late Show’s margin of victory over The Tonight Show stands at a daunting 1.26 million viewers.
  12. David Letterman’s Netflix Show Underscores the Value of the Talk-Show InterviewWith the second episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Letterman continues to make the case that talk shows should be about conversations.
  13. Late-Night Hosts Weigh In on Trump’s ‘Excellent’ Health“Despite all evidence, Donald Trump does have a heart.”
  14. late night tv
    Despite Trump’s ‘Very Negative Yelp Review,’ Conan Is Headed to HaitiThe late-night host announced the trip Sunday on Twitter.
  15. in conversation
    Suddenly, Jimmy Kimmel Is Our Cronkite“I go to bed worried, and I wake up worried, and I honestly don’t know if things are going to be okay.”
  16. late night tv
    Jimmy Fallon Discusses Late-Night’s Political Comedy: ‘It’s Just Not What I Do.’“I love pop culture more than I love politics. I’m just not that brain.”
  17. summer break
    Why Are So Many Late-Night Talk Shows Taking the Rest of the Summer Off?Colbert, Meyers, Bee, and more.
  18. last night on late night
    Why Salma Hayek Is an Extremely Good Late-Night TV GuestWhile promoting Beatriz at Dinner, Hayek told a great story about scuba diving.
  19. late night wars
    Stephen Colbert Is So Close to Dethroning Fallon for the SeasonThe late-night wars are officially heating up.
  20. host world
    The Best Daily Show Moments of Jordan KlepperWith a new late-night show on the horizon, we look back on his body of work.
  21. late night tv
    Comedian Iliza Shlesinger’s Late-Night Show Headed to FreeformThe weekly show premieres May 2.
  22. encounter
    96 Minutes With Late Night’s Latest Hit Comedy DuoGetting to know Desus and Mero, Viceland’s insurgents.
  23. That Time Dave Did His Show Inside a Hotel Room This week, David Letterman delivered a dispatch from the world of retirement in the form of a lengthy interview with New York magazine. In […]
  24. from the archives
    Revisiting David Letterman’s 1987 Writers RoomThe relatively normal bunch of guys behind what was perhaps the creative peak of Late Night.
  25. vulture cover story
    David Letterman on Life After TV, Late Night Today, and the Man He Calls Trumpy“How’s this interview going? Do you think you’re talking to a normal person here?”
  26. comedy
    Donald Trump Is a Gift, and a Quandary, for Late-Night HostsThe new politicization of TV.
  27. late night wars
    Jimmy Kimmel Is Considering Retiring From Late-Night Television Soon“I want to go out on my own terms.”
  28. big dreams
    Drake Has Envisioned a Future in Which He’s the Next Johnny Carson“I miss Johnny Carson and the appeal of that sexy late-night TV that’s funny.”
  29. vulture cover story
    Seth Meyers Is Going to Tell You the Truth, One Trump Joke at a TimeNearly three years into the job, the Late Night host has finally found his voice.
  30. Seth Meyers Is Going to Tell You the Truth, One Trump Joke at a TimeNearly three years into the job, the Late Night host has finally found his voice.
  31. 2016 election
    In Praise of the Late-Night Shows That Got Real About Election 2016A salute to the programs last night that got emotional about what’s happening in the country right now.
  32. the eric andre show
    The Eric Andre Show Was the Only Late Show Weird Enough for 2016It’s powered by its creator’s agonizing awareness of the banality of late-night talk shows and the urgent need to destroy them.
  33. late night tv
    Freeform Is Developing Its Own Late-Night ShowFinally, the teens will have a leader.
  34. acting
    Dakota Johnson Plays the Acting Game on Fallon“I’m a clown. Good-bye. I love you.”
  35. late night tv
    Danny DeVito Defends His Dirty Hamilton Graffiti“It’s a term of endearment!”
  36. late night tv
    Fred Armisen Does His Southern Accents on FallonSounds about right.
  37. late night tv
    Zach Galifianakis’s Eyebrows Stopped by KimmelHe also discussed his terrible case of “rainbow shaft.”
  38. Tracy Morgan Jokes About His Coma on Fallon“Trump is leading in the polls. I’m going back!”
  39. late night tv
    Rachel Bloom Worked As Seth Meyers’s SNL InternAlso, Alec Baldwin was amazing to work with.
  40. late night tv
    Leslie Mann Hypes Weed Juice on KimmelThe wonders of pharmacology. 
  41. late night tv
    T.J. Miller, a Human Maniac, Appears on Colbert“This would be so weird if this was the way you died.” “Yep.”
  42. worthy tributes
    EL VY Pay Tribute to David Bowie on ColbertWith Colbert bandleader Jon Batiste.
  43. Cate Blanchett Despises Jimmy Kimmel’s Bathroom“Have you been back there?”
  44. vulture lists
    A Last Week Tonight Year in Review: John Oliver’s Best Segments of 2015The only enjoyable way to look back at this year’s infuriating news.
  45. late night wars
    Jimmy Fallon Wanted to Welcome Stephen Colbert to Late Night by Crushing HimSuccess!
  46. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best Late-Night Moments of 2015Lots of laughs, lots of tears.
  47. late night tv
    Samantha Bee Teases Full Frontal Late-Night ShowThis new one’s just more sci-fi.
  48. chat room
    Conan O’Brien Reflects on His Trip to Armenia“There was a Russian director who spoke no English who talked to me at length about my emotional journey.”
  49. last week tonight with john oliver
    John Oliver Addresses Paris Attacks“F*** these assholes. F*** them, if I may say, sideways.”
  50. q&a
    Jimmy Kimmel on His Brooklyn Shows, Jay Leno’s Burn, and Beards“Well, we know that Jay only does nice things for people — for his competitors.”
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