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  1. ‘Comedians as a group still adhere to the idea that you’re only funny if […]NPR interviewed Dr. Ildiko Tabori, the Laugh Factory’s new in-house shrink, about why comedians need his help more than the average person: […]
  2. Attention, Depressed Comedians: The Laugh Factory Now Offers Free TherapyBecause comedians all try to get laughs to mask the infinite darkness within, the Laugh Factory in LA is now offering free therapy to […]
  3. misery loves comedy
    L.A. Comedy Club to Offer Therapy to ComediansMaking bad jokes into good feelings.
  4. tv
    Dave Chappelle Returns to Stand-up With Jokes About Man Rape“Caught me slippin’!”
  5. jokes
    Dave Chappelle’s Record Attempt Comes Up ShortThe man had to pee. Give him a break.