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Laura Carmichael

  1. chat room
    Laura Carmichael and Elizabeth McGovern on Their ‘Powerless’ Downton Characters“It’s a really interesting challenge for me, because it feels like I have absolutely no control or power, or really a role, in any way.”
  2. chat room
    Downton’s Lady Edith on the Most Boring Scenes“We get very tired of the dining room scenes.”
  3. dream cameos
    George Clooney Will Appear on Downton AbbeySwoon.
  4. chat room
    Downton’s Laura Carmichael on Her MIA Baby DaddySeriously, where is he?
  5. casting couch
    Tom Hardy Look-alike Joins Madame Bovary CastOlivier Gourmet and Laura Carmichael will also appear in Sophie Barthes’s adaptation.
  6. tv review
    Seitz on Downton Abbey’s Third SeasonIt’s far more than a nighttime soap for Anglophiles.
  7. can she live?
    Lady Edith Can’t Catch a Break in Real Life, EitherLet Edith live!