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Laurel And Hardy

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    The 25 Most Essential Laurel and Hardy Comedy ShortsThe classic comedy duo has never gone out of style.
  2. oscars 2019
    What Happened to Oscars Dedicated to Comedy (and Should They Be Brought Back)?Once upon a time, the Oscars (briefly) felt the need to acknowledge comedy as a separate category. Did it work? And why didn’t it last?
  3. guides
    10 Great Laurel and Hardy Movies to Watch Before Stan & OllieAnyone wanting to go back to the duo’s source material will have to do a little work — but you’ll find it’s as funny as it ever was.
  4. The Enduring Influence of Laurel & Hardy’s ‘Sons of the Desert’When Sight & Sound or the American Film Institute put together lists of the greatest movies of all time, comedies usually get the shaft. […]
  5. Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly to Star in Laurel and Hardy Biopic ‘Stan & […]Over two years after news broke that BBC was making a Laurel and Hardy movie, the project has finally landed its two stars. According to […]
  6. ampersands
    Coogan and Reilly Will Be Laurel and Hardy[“The Dance of the Cuckoos” plays.]
  7. BBC Is Making a Movie About Laurel and HardyThe BBC has announced that they’re making a movie about the lives of famed comedy duo Laurel and Hardy, and it’ll be written by Philomena […]
  8. American Comedy 104: Comparative History Through the Lens of the ‘Doh’Now, as never before, you can listen to Homer Simpson’s “doh” side-by-side with the “doh” of Laurel & Hardy’s Jimmy Finlayson. May “doh”s ring […]