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Lauren Conrad

  1. extremely online
    James Charles and Lauren Conrad Squash the Beauty Beef in a New VideoIt all could’ve been avoided if kids these days watched The Hills.
  2. reunions
    Stephen! Come Watch the Laguna Beach Virtual Reunion!Let’s go back. Back to the beginning.
  3. one-liners
    It Was Anna Wintour Who First Called Lauren Conrad ‘Girl Who Didn’t Go to Paris’Scathing.
  4. trailer mix
    Lauren Conrad’s The Hills Special: Her Trailer’s Full of SecretsFeel the rain on your skin.
  5. curious adaptations
    The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of a Potential Movie AdaptationIt would get the gang back together … except for Heidi and Spencer.
  6. tv nostalgia
    Lauren Conrad’s Doing a The Hills SpecialBecause the rest was still unwritten.
  7. reality rumble
    Round 1: Project Runway S2 vs. The Hills S1The Santino season of Tim Gunn’s fashion contest takes on the debut of The Hills, when Lauren first moved in with Heidi.
  8. this is the end
    Watch The Hills’ Alternate EndingNo, Spencer does not show up. 
  9. clickables
    Watch the Cute Intro for MTV’s Scrapped Lauren Conrad ShowThe pilot didn’t go to series, but here’s what would have opened the show every week.
  10. the audrey hepburn of reality tv
    Lauren Conrad Is Too ‘Highbrow’ for MTV NowIt must have been that book she wrote.
  11. clickables
    See a Particularly Depressing Target Best-Seller BookshelfOh, kids!
  12. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Clint Eastwood Forgot About Jimmy Kimmel’s Feud with Matt DamonPlus, Lauren Conrad informs Chelsea Handler about one of the sexual meanings behind those Silly Bandz.
  13. quote machine
    Jay Baruchel Getting Tired of How Repulsive He IsPlus: David Duchovny sexy enough to have chemistry with a wall.
  14. quote machine
    Jerry Seinfeld’s Observational Skills Are As Sharp As EverPlus: Helen Mirren loves Lady Gaga and plastic surgery.
  15. the industry
    Uma Thurman to Have a Terrible WeddingPlus: Antoine Fuqua! Lauren Conrad! Thomas the Tank Engine!
  16. quote machine
    Brandon Flowers Isn’t Convinced That Nirvana Were All ThatPlus: Lauren Conrad puts her knowledge of theorems to the test.
  17. quote machine
    Paul Lieberstein’s ‘Office’ Character Inspired by Some Loser He KnowsPlus: MTV censors save us from not-funny Russell Brand jokes.
  18. quote machine
    Sean Connery Would Like to Kill James BondPlus: Madonna on what it would take to get her to sing “Like a Virgin” again.
  19. overnights
    The ‘24’ Absurd-o-Meter: Your Source for Tortured, Horny PausesThis week, the absurdities started in the pre-show “previously on 24” segment and ratcheted up from there.