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Law And Order

  1. dun dun
    Details About Christopher Meloni’s New Law & Order Show? In This Climate?Detective Stabler will return after a “devastating personal loss.”
  2. we needed this
    Your Daddy Elliot Stabler Is Coming Back to TVYes.
  3. tv review
    Law & Order True Crime: Menendez Murders Is a DudThe result plays like the longest, soggiest L&O episode ever.
  4. the tv industry
    Law & Order: SVU’s Donald Trump Episode Has Its Airdate Postponed Again[Dun dun.]
  5. courts
    Director Jace Alexander Sentenced for Child PornHe pleaded guilty in January.
  6. 2016 presidential campaign
    How Every NYC TV Character Would Vote in the New York State PrimaryWho wins the pivotal Friends demographic?
  7. freebies
    Law & Order’s First 5 Episodes Are Now Streaming for Free on Sundance.TVFor the rest of the month.
  8. tv
    Law & Order: SVU Is Doing a Robert Durst Episode, Hot Mic and AllThus completing the Robert Durst–Law & Order trifecta.
  9. remakes
    See True Detective Done Law & Order StyleHooray for mash-ups.
  10. guest stars
    Jill Hennessy Heading to The Good WifeLaw & Order reunion!
  11. law and order
    Listen to David Rees’s Law & Order SongBetter late than never.
  12. law and order
    Famous People on Television: A Supercut of Celebrities on Law & OrderHow many can you spot? (And which ones are actually talented?)
  13. law and order
    Visit Law & Order & Food, a Blog Chronicling Food Eaten on Law & OrderAnd now we want a gyro!
  14. last night on late night
    Mariska Hargitay Went Psycho on ScramblePlus: Rashida Jones and Craig Ferguson chilled on a beach in Scotland, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  15. overnights
    Community Recap: Pam the YamA spot on Law & Order parody. Also, someone dies.
  16. community
    Watch the Opening Scene of Community’s Law & Order EpisodeSo … does that make Donald Glover Mariska Hargitay?
  17. community
    Watch a Sneak Peek of Community’s Law & Order EpisodeChung chung!
  18. lawyer shows
    The Annoying TV Judges Hall of ShameObjection! Sustained.
  19. law and order
    Watch a Fake Acting Reel for Law & Order That Is Basically a Real Acting Reel for Law & OrderWell played, comedian Amy Heidt. Well played.
  20. It’s That Episode 6: Charlie Todd/’Law & Order: SVU’ - AuthorityOn “It’s That Episode,” Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to his apartment to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They […]
  21. law and order
    See a Map of All the Nonfictional Street Addresses Listed in the First Season of Law & OrderIf we could make a noise for this, it would either be a squeal or the usual “CHUNG CHUNG!”
  22. nbc
    Watch the Casts of NBC Shows Sing ‘Brotherhood of Man’Can Mariska Hargitay dance, or can Mariska Hargitay dance?
  23. Community’s Planning a Law & Order Homage in ‘Basic Lupine Urology’Chang-Chang. Yes, Community is doing a Law & Order episode. After the study group’s science project is sabotaged, they’ll investigate the […]
  24. vulture lists
    Which of TV’s Many Fake Bernie Madoffs Are Worse Than the Real Deal?From ‘Tower Heist’ and ‘2 Broke Girls’ to ‘Law & Order’s, there have been a lot of fake Madoffs.
  25. bringing out the dead
    Dick Wolf Must Really Hate Skeet UlrichCharacters on ‘Law & Order’ shows almost never die.
  26. Fan Fiction Theatre: Law and Order SVUThe premise of this Landline video is pretty straightforward: they found some god-awful Law and Order SVU fan fiction on the internet and […]