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  1. leaks
    Clip of LCD Soundsystem’s Michael Musto Diss-Track Leaks“Eat it, Michael Musto.”
  2. leaks
    Leaked David Mamet Memo to Writers of The Unit Will Only Add to Mamet’s LegendKeep watch for shows with two characters talking about a third. Mamet hates those shows.
  3. avatar
    Avatar DVD Screener Leaks, PointlesslySo how does James Camerson’s 3-D, Imax-size space adventure look in just two dimensions and 480 measly lines of resolution?
  4. jackman
    Guy Who Leaked Wolverine Imagines a Meeting With Hugh JackmanWhat would Jackman have said? Gilberto Sanchez has a theory.
  5. leaks
    James Franco Will Appear on 30 Rock With Tina Fey and a PillowWhat more could we ask for?
  6. whoops
    New Sony Movie Leaked by SonyThe Matt Dillon armored-truck drama, still very much in theaters, found its way into the PlayStation store somehow.
  7. leaks
    Did the VMA Winners List Leak? And Does Anybody Care?Here are maybe the winners of tonight’s VMAs.
  8. piracy
    Did the Leak Save Wolverine’s Word of Mouth?If ‘Wolverine’ bombs, Fox certainly can’t blame it on negative publicity.
  9. piracy
    Roger Friedman Officially Canned for Wolverine ReviewSays Fox News: “Fox News representatives and Roger Friedman met today and mutually agreed to part ways immediately.”
  10. unsolved mysteries
    So, Who Exactly Are the Main Suspects in the Wolverine Leak?One thing is certain: There’s no shortage of them!
  11. piracy
    Eight Reasons Not to Download WolverineThe leaked version is obviously unfinished, with missing scenes, placeholder music, and tons of half-rendered special effects. Want proof?
  12. disasters
    Wolverine Screener Claws Its Way OnlineA full-length, high-quality copy of ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ leaked online last night.
  13. leaks
    Warner Bros. Could Really Capitalize on the Leak of Watchmen’s Opening-Credits SequenceFrankly, it’s the best marketing tool they have available to them at this point.
  14. leak of the week
    Leaked: Yeah Yeah Yeahs Would Like You to DanceFans of the band’s more hyperactive, yelpy tunes may feel left out in the cold this time around, but screw them.
  15. the streets can't wait
    Dr. Dre Goes ‘Topless’Thankfully, though, he’s not bottomless.
  16. leak of the week
    Leaked: New Morrissey Album Gives Hope to Music-Making ElderlyDespite being 49, Morrissey has somehow managed to turn out yet another non-embarrassing solo record.
  17. right-click
    Battle of the Leaks: Britney Versus RihannaRihanna’s “Bitch I’m Special,” meet Britney Spears’s “Kill the Lights.” And … fight!
  18. roll credits
    Week in Review: Leaked-Memo Edition!The guy who wrote the ‘Valkyrie’ memo is also a Vulture reader. Lucky us!
  19. oh harvey!
    New Harvey Weinstein Tape!Hear Harvey and Quentin Tarantino complain about Robert De Niro.
  20. apropos of nothing
    Latest Leaks Indicate Axl Rose Is Really Making Progress on ‘Chinese Democracy’New, allegedly finished versions of nine songs have leaked — could a release date be close? No.
  21. right-click
    Beck Is Just Terrible at SurprisesPlus: New music from Weezer and Nas!
  22. right-click
    The King of the Internet Slums It With WeezerPlus: New songs from Lil Wayne and Coldplay!
  23. leak of the week
    Livers, Prepare for Impact: New Hold Steady Album LeaksWhat’s it sound like? Pretty much exactly like their last three (i.e., terrific with a beer or five).
  24. leak of the week
    Leaked: New Usher Album Fails to Find Love in Clubs or ElsewhereWe hope you like the single, because there’s not much else here.
  25. apropos of nothing
    Rush Release of New Raconteurs Album Expedited by iTunes, PiratesiTunes put the new Raconteurs album on sale early. Jack White is going to be so excited!
  26. right-click
    Bobby Digital Returns!RZA is back with a new song from his upcoming solo album, Animal Collective are a bunch of hippies, and, against their better judgment, the Roots let that guy from Fall Out Boy sing on their album.
  27. leak of the week
    Leaked: R.E.M. Gives Up, Makes Its Best Album in a DecadeWe like it — but could it have been better?
  28. right-click
    New Ludacris Remix Is Habit-FormingPlus: Drive-by Truckers!
  29. right-click
    The Magnetic Fields Get in the HabitPlus: Eddie Argos!
  30. right-click
    Lil Wayne: Master of the Subtle MetaphorPlus: Jesse Malin!
  31. right-click
    Despite Everything, We Still Like Lupe FiascoPlus: The Duke Spirit!
  32. right-click
    Portishead Makes Triumphant Return to Sounding Like PortisheadPlus: Liam Finn!
  33. right-click
    Andrew W.K. and John McLaughlin Are the Burt Bacharach and Hal David of ‘McLaughlin Group’–Inspired Party AnthemsOn most days, Vulture’s Right-Click features five downloadable songs culled from the Internet’s vast universe of music blogs. Today, though, there’s really only one MP3 that any reasonable person need be concerned with.
  34. right-click
    Gnarls Barkley Showing Signs of ImprovementPlus: Annie!
  35. leak of the week
    New Gnarls Barkley Album Leaks; MP3 Blogs Brace for Impact!It’s great!
  36. right-click
    The New Gnarls Barkley Song Is Too SlowPlus: Lupe Fiasco!
  37. leak of the week
    Leaked: Snoop Dogg Takes It Back to 1976, 1983, and 1957 (in That Order)Like all latter-day Snoop Dogg albums, Ego Trippin is half-loaded with interminable filler. But how’s the other half? Not too bad!
  38. right-click
    Colin Meloy Looks on the Bright SidePlus: Chromeo!
  39. right-click
    We’re Bullish on Grizzly Bear’s Next AlbumPlus: Rick Ross!
  40. right-click
    The B-52s: Still Around!Plus: Yo La Tengo!
  41. right-click
    Brand-new Velvet Underground Song! We Bet You Never Thought You’d Read That on a Blog!Plus: LCD Soundsystem!
  42. leak of the week
    Leaked: New Breeders Album Sounds Pretty Much Like the Last Three — Great!2002’s Title TK picked up pretty much where 1993’s Last Splash left off, and their brand-new, just-leaked fourth album finds the Deal sisters more or less in the same place.
  43. right-click
    New Roots Single Predictably ExcellentPlus: Cool Kids!
  44. right-click
    Against All Odds, Rihanna, and Klaxons Make the Grammys Look Even More LamePlus: Wolf Parade!
  45. right-click
    Janet Jackson Unveils Latest Innovation: A Daft Punk SamplePlus: Usher!
  46. right-click
    Sasha Frere-Jones’s Worst Nightmare Comes True: Arcade Fire Cover Magnetic FieldsPlus: The National!
  47. right-click
    Tapes ‘N Tapes Comeback Is Impressively ExecutedPlus: We Are Scientists!
  48. right-click
    A Seven-Nation Army Could Probably Hold Kate Nash BackPlus: Goldfrapp!
  49. right-click
    Mariah Carey Mixes Physics With PleasurePlus: Amy Winehouse!
  50. right-click
    Kanye West Makes the Grammys Safe for Space-Helmeted FrenchmenPlus: Ludacris!
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