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  1. goodbyes
    Doctor Who Needs a New Doctor WhoMatt Smith is leaving the show.
  2. Listen to Skrillex’s Softer Side on His New EpJust say no to wubs.
  3. Brian McCann Is Leaving ‘Conan’In 1995, Brian McCann was hired to be a writer on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. For the next 17 (17!!!!) years, he helped define Conan’s Late […]
  4. Andy Samberg Officially Leaving ‘SNL’Late Friday evening, Andy Samberg officially announced he was leaving SNL, after seven years on the show. It was a technicality, sure, but […]
  5. chat room
    Nowhere Boy’s Kristin Scott Thomas: ‘These Uptight, Repressed Women, Those Are the Ones They Call Me For’“I think French film audiences are far more nonjudgmental about the way women look. There isn’t this obsession with facial lines. They actually like women.”
  6. the industry
    Noah Wyle Is Our Only HopePlus: new Phish album.