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  1. legal battles
    What Is Going on With Aaliyah’s Music?The latest chapter in the battle between the singer’s estate and former manager.
  2. legal battles
    Bad News, Fortnite Fans: Apple Has Terminated Epic Games’ Developer AccountThe tech giant and the video-game company are currently embroiled in a legal battle.
  3. the industry
    WGA Slams Hollywood’s Four Biggest Agencies With Lawsuit“Charging packaging fees is not only bad for writers, it is unlawful.”
  4. legal battles
    Alfonso Ribeiro Shimmies Away From Fortnite Lawsuit Over Carlton DanceGetting a copyright for a dance move remains a murky issue.
  5. legal battles
    Stan Lee Files $1 Billion Lawsuit Against POW! EntertainmentThe comic book legend claims he was conned into selling the exclusive licensing rights to his name and likeness.
  6. the man who killed don quixote
    The Making of Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote Is Getting Another DocumentaryThe film’s production was first chronicled in Lost in La Mancha, and will be explored further in He Dreams of Giants.
  7. legal battles
    Bankruptcy Judge Grants Harvey Weinstein Access to Weinstein Company EmailsWeinstein’s legal team argued that emails related to his alleged victims could exonerate the disgraced movie mogul.
  8. philadelphia freedom
    Meek Mill Released From Prison, Heads Straight to the Philadelphia 76ers GameThe co-owner of the basketball team picked Mill up to bring him to the playoff game.
  9. legal battles
    Lana Del Rey Announces Her Radiohead Dispute Is Over“I mean now that my lawsuit’s over, I guess I can sing that song anytime I want, right?”
  10. legal battles
    John Paul Getty III’s Sister Threatens Legal Action Over FX’s TrustAriadne Getty claims the show makes her family seem complicit in his kidnapping.
  11. bill paxton
    Bill Paxton’s Family Suing Hospital for Wrongful DeathPaxton died in February 2017 of a stroke following heart surgery. He was 61.
  12. legal battles
    Two Weinstein Police Investigations Under Review With L.A. District AttorneyThe Los Angeles district attorney’s office is reviewing two Beverly Hills police investigations into Weinstein and three reports about James Toback.
  13. nelly
    Nelly Wants to Take Legal Action Against His Accuser After Rape Case Was DroppedNelly plans to take legal action against his accuser in an effort to restore his reputation.
  14. legal battles
    Johnny Depp’s Former Business Managers Push to Foreclose on Five of His HousesThe company claims it needs the money to cover a $5 million loan to the actor.
  15. Weinstein Company Lawyer Talks Studio’s Fate and Trump, Whom He Once Fired“I mean, if ever somebody had a ground to fire a guy, it seems like it’s the Weinstein Company.”
  16. more money more problems
    Johnny Depp’s Ex-Management Company Is Dragging His Family Into Legal DisputeThe Management Group claims Depp is throwing his friends and family “under the bus” with his lawsuit against the company.
  17. legal battles
    Flavor Flav Sues Chuck D and Public Enemy Over Unpaid RoyaltiesHe also claims his voice and image were used without his consent on the latest album.
  18. legal battles
    Kanye West Is Suing His Tour’s Insurance Provider for $10 MillionAccording to West’s legal team, the company that insured his last tour is failing to pay the artist’s rightfully deserved loss claims.
  19. legal battles
    Lady Gaga Hits Back at Dr. Luke Subpoena for Kesha CaseTexts sent from Kesha to Lady Gaga are at the center of Dr. Luke’s claim.
  20. legal battles
    Quincy Jones Awarded $9.4 Million in Trial Against Michael Jackson’s EstateJones produced several of Jackson’s biggest records including Bad and Thriller.
  21. money money money
    Matt Weiner’s $30 Million Mad Men Deal Also Included Bonuses for Winning AwardsWe’d take that bonus deal any day.
  22. alanis morissette
    Alanis Morissette’s Former Manager Gets 6 Years in Prison for EmbezzlementJonathan Schwartz stole $4.8 million from Morissette.
  23. legal battles
    Dr. Luke Is Subpoenaing Kesha Fans NowLuke alleges that Kesha “closely coordinated” with the fan’s #FreeKesha petition and protests.
  24. legal battles
    Katy Perry Wins Legal Battle With L.A. Nuns Over Their Former ConventKaty 1; nuns 0.