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Legion Season 2

  1. Legion Creator Noah Hawley on David’s Shocking Betrayal in the Season-Two Finale“My hope is that you’re beginning to realize that David may not be the protagonist.”
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    Legion Recap: Blue-Eyed DevilThe second-season finale finds the series going all-in on the dark turn taken by its protagonist.
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    Legion Recap: Rise of the World-BreakerIs the show’s new villain David himself?
  4. overnights
    Legion Recap: Vapor HazeThe momentum grinds to a halt as the writers give us unsatisfactory check-ins with the supporting cast.
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    Legion Recap: Wandering the DesertCan Legion hurry up and find Farouk’s body already?
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    Legion Recap: Walking on EggshellsThe second season’s expanded format is starting to wreak havoc with its storytelling.
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    Legion Recap: The Tree of Life“Chapter 14” explores the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics by entering a world populated by different versions of David Haller.
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    Legion Recap: The Unholy Resurrection of Lenny BuskerVillains take the spotlight as Legion doubles down on horror.
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    Legion Recap: The Broken PlacesDavid Haller goes on a psychic voyage through his girlfriend’s memories.
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    Legion Recap: The Maze RunnerA virus outbreak plunges Division 3 into crisis mode.
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    Legion Recap: Bigger Than JesusDavid finally comes face-to-face with the Shadow King.
  12. How Legion Made That Freaky Chattering-Teeth Sound Effect“I’m sure my dentist didn’t love me slamming my teeth together that hard, but it didn’t break anything, thank God.”
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    Legion Season-Premiere Recap: Identity CrisisWelcome back to the strangest superhero-show on TV.
  14. Legion Season Two Is Brazenly InventiveThe FX superhero drama is determined to surprise, confound, and dazzle at every moment.
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    Everything to Remember About Legion Before Watching Season TwoWhat you need to know about David Haller, the Shadow King, and where Legion left off.