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Lenny Letter

  1. a call to action
    Lena Dunham Breaks Silence, Addresses Trump’s Victory: ‘Don’t Agonize, Organize’“I never truly believed he could win.”
  2. feminism
    Lena Dunham Won’t Convince Women to Get Naked for Your Show, So Don’t AskAnd please keep your dick pics to yourself.
  3. acting
    Lupita Nyong’o Would Rather Play an Alien or a Wolf Than ‘the Wife’“So often women of color are relegated to playing simple tropes: the sidekick, the best friend, the noble savage, or the clown.”
  4. an empire is born
    Lena Dunham Expands Her Empire Into Book PublishingMovies, TV shows, newsletters, and now publishing!
  5. #freekesha
    Lena Dunham Writes Letter in Support of Kesha“What’s happening to Kesha highlights the way that the American legal system continues to hurt women by failing to protect them from the men they identify as their abusers.”
  6. sexism
    Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino Is Not Going to ‘Smile More,’ Thank You Very Much“I just want to be able to exist and make music without people asking me the question, ‘So what is it like to be a girl in a band?’”