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  1. the industry
    Leona Lewis to Play Grizabella in Cats RevivalShe’s inheriting the role from Nicole Scherzinger.
  2. 12 Best New Songs of the Week This week, Black Hippy reunites, Mac Miller gets clean, and Jewel meets Dolly Parton.
  3. history lesson
    Leona Lewis Would Prefer You Envision ‘We Found Love’ As Her Song“It was the same version and production but mine’s better.”
  4. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Farrell, Waltz, Jovovich, BloomPlus: Christina Aguilera to tour this summer.
  5. avatar
    Leona Lewis’s Avatar Song Hits an IcebergSince ‘Titanic’ came out in 1997, great advances have been made in visual-effects technology. But not so in treacly end-credits love balladry.
  6. quote machine
    Vera Farmiga’s Breasts Have Finally Found Their PurposePlus: The secret reason “Stairway to Heaven” became so popular is finally revealed.
  7. quote machine
    Avatar Just Another Art-House Gig for Sam WorthingtonPlus: Chace Crawford basically a girl, says friend.
  8. reading is fundamental
    Leona Lewis Gets Punched in the Head at Her Own Book SigningSee kids, this is why you should never go to book signings.
  9. vh-what?
    VH1 Resurrects Divas Franchise, Conveniently Forgets to Book Any Actual DivasWe don’t think they’re ready for this jelly.
  10. countdown
    How Awesome Will Zhang Yimou’s Olympic Closing Ceremony Be?We’re definitely watching Sunday night. (Or on the Internet Sunday morning, when they actually happen.)
  11. vulture lists
    5 Top Songs of Summer 2008So what is the song of the summer anyway?
  12. apropos of nothing
    ‘Umbrella’ Watch 2008: Is Leona Lewis’s ‘Bleeding Love’ the Song of the Summer?Yeah, pretty much.
  13. agenda
    ‘Two Lives’: secrets of a historic literary allegiance.Janet Malcolm, one of the best critical biographers around, attempts to decode the unorthodox and secretive literary alliance of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas.